Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Version 9 Cert Guide (2nd Edition)

Michael Gregg



In this best-of-breed study guide, leading expert Michael Gregg helps you master all the topics you need to know to succeed on your Certified Ethical Hacker Version 9 exam and advance your career in IT security. Michael’s concise, focused approach explains every exam objective from a real-world perspective, helping you quickly identify weaknesses and retain everything you need to know.


·         Every feature of this book supports both efficient exam preparation and long-term mastery:

·         Opening Topics Lists identify the topics you need to learn in each chapter and list EC-Council’s official exam objectives

·         Key Topics figures, tables, and lists call attention to the information that’s most crucial for exam success

·         Exam Preparation Tasks enable you to review key topics, complete memory tables, define key terms, work through scenarios, and answer review questions…going beyond mere facts to master the concepts that are crucial to passing the exam and enhancing your career

·         Key Terms are listed in each chapter and defined in a complete glossary, explaining all the field’s essential terminology


This study guide helps you master all the topics on the latest CEH exam, including

·         Ethical hacking basics

·         Technical foundations of hacking

·         Footprinting and scanning

·         Enumeration and system hacking

·         Linux distro’s, such as Kali and automated assessment tools

·         Trojans and backdoors

·         Sniffers, session hijacking, and denial of service

·         Web server hacking, web applications, and database attacks

·         Wireless technologies, mobile security, and mobile attacks

·         IDS, firewalls, and honeypots

·         Buffer overflows, viruses, and worms

·         Cryptographic attacks and defenses

·         Cloud security and social engineering



在這本最佳指南中,領先專家Michael Gregg幫助您掌握所有您需要了解的主題,以便在您的Certified Ethical Hacker Version 9考試中取得成功並在IT安全領域中提升您的職業生涯。Michael的簡明而專注的方法從實際世界的角度解釋了每個考試目標,幫助您快速識別弱點並保留您需要了解的所有內容。


- 開始主題列表確定您需要在每個章節中學習的主題並列出EC-Council的官方考試目標
- 關鍵主題的圖表和列表引起對於考試成功最關鍵的信息的注意
- 考試準備任務使您能夠複習關鍵主題,完成記憶表,定義關鍵術語,通過情境工作並回答複習問題...超越僅僅掌握事實,掌握通過考試和提升職業生涯所必需的概念
- 每章列出關鍵術語並在完整的詞彙表中進行定義,解釋了該領域的所有基本術語


- 道德黑客基礎知識
- 黑客的技術基礎
- 足跡和掃描
- 枚舉和系統黑客
- Linux發行版,如Kali和自動評估工具
- 特洛伊木馬和後門
- 嗅探器,會話劫持和阻斷服務
- Web服務器黑客,Web應用程序和數據庫攻擊
- 無線技術,移動安全和移動攻擊
- IDS,防火牆和蜜罐
- 緩衝區溢出,病毒和蠕蟲
- 密碼學攻擊和防禦
- 雲安全和社交工程