Oversampling Delta-sigma Data Converters: Theory, Design, And Simulation (a Selected Reprint Volume)


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  • 出版日期: 1991-09-02
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Only recently have oversampling methods used for high resolution A/D and D/A conversion become popular. This is the first book to address all aspects of the subject and to compare and evaluate various design approaches. It presents a theoretical analysis of converter performance, actual design methods for converters and their simulation and circuit implementation. It also covers applications together with the design of decimation filters for A/D converters, and the design of interpolators for D/A converters.

Of particular interest to electrical engineers involved with designing and/or using circuits for signal processing in communications, audio applications, sonar, and instrumentation.


Table of Contents:



Oversampling Methods for A/D and D/A Conversion (J. Candy & G. Temes).


An Analysis of Nonlinear Behavior in Delta-Sigma Modulators (S. Ardalan & J. Paulos).

A Use of Limit Cycle Oscillations to Obtain Robust Analog-to-Digital Converters (J. Candy).

The Structure of Quantization Noise from Sigma-Delta Modulation (J. Candy & O. Benjamin).

Multistage Sigma-Delta Modulation (W. Chou, et al.).

Oversampled Sigma-Delta Modulation (R. Gray).

Quantization Noise Spectra (R. Gray).

Double-Loop Sigma-Delta Modulation with dc Input (N. He, et al.).

A Unity Bit Coding Method by Negative Feedback (H. Inose & Y. Yasuda).

Design of Stable High Order 1-Bit Sigma-Delta Modulators (T. Ritoniemi, et al.).

Reduction of Quantizing Noise by Use of Feedback (H. Spang III & P. Schultheiss).

Oversampled, Linear Predictive and Noise-Shaping Coders of Order N>1 (S. Tewksbury & R. Hallock).


Design Methodology for ΣΔM (B. Agrawal & K. Shenoi).

Table-Based Simulation of Delta-Sigma Modulators (R. Bishop, et al.).

Simulating and Testing Oversampled Analog-to-Digital Converters (B. Boser, et al.).

A Use if Double Integration in Sigma Delta Modulation (J. Candy).

An Oversampling Analog-to-Digital Converter Topology for High-Resolution Signal Acquisition Systems (L. Carley).

Digitally Corrected Multi-Bit ΣΔ Data Converters (T. Cataltepe, et al.).

A Higher Order Topology for Interpolative Modulators for Oversampling A/D Converters (K. Chao, et al.).

One Bit Higher Order Sigma-Delta A/D Converters (P. Ferguson, et al.).

Optimization of a Sigma-Delta Modulator by the Use of a Slow ADC (A. Gosslau & A. Gottwald).

Circuit and Technology Considerations for MOS Delta-Sigma A/D Converters (M. Hauser & R. Brodersen).

Technology Scaling and Performance Limitations in Delta-Sigma Analog-Digital Converters (M. Hauser).

Delta-Sigma A/Ds with Reduced Sensitivity to Op Amp Noise and Gain (P. Hurst & R. Levinson).

Multibit Oversampled Σ-Δ A/D Converter with Digital Error Correction (L. Larson, et al.).

An Improved Sigma-Delta Modulator Architecture (T. Leslie & B. Singh).

A 13 Bit ISDN-Band Oversampled ADC Using Two-Stage Third Order Noise Shaping (L. Longo & M. Copeland).

A 16-Bit Oversampling A-to-D Conversion Technology Using Triple-Integration Noise Shaping (Y. Matsuya, et al.).

Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio Using Tri-Level Delta-Sigma Modulation (J. Paulos, et al.).

A Second-Order High-Resolution Incremental A/D Converter with Offset and Charge Injection Compensation (J. Robert & P. Deval).

Improved Double Integation Delta-Sigma Modulations for A to D and D to A Conversion (Y. Shoji & T. Suzuki).

Oversampling A-to-D and D-to-A Converters with Multistage Noise Shaping Modulators (K. Uchimura, et al.).

Architectures for High-Order Multibit ΣΔ Modulators (R. Walden, et al.).

Constraints Analysis for Oversampling A-to-D Converter Structures on VLSI Implementation (A. Yukawa).


Design and Implementation of an Audio 18-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter Using Oversampling Techniques (R. Adams).

The Design of Sigma-Delta Modulation Analog-to-Digital Converters (B. Boser & B. Wooley).

A Noise-Shaping Coder Topology for 15+ Bit Converters (L. Carley).

A Dual-Channel Voice-Band PCM Codec Using ΣΔ Modulation Technique (V. Friedman, et al.).

MOS ADC-Filter Combination That Does Not Require Precision Analog Components (M. Hauser, et al.).

A Multistage Delta-Sigma Modulator without Double Integration Loop (T. Hayashi, et al.).

An Oversampled Sigma-Delta A/D Converter Circuit Using Two-Stage Fourth Order Modulator (T. Karema, et al.).

A 12-Bit Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converter with 15-MHz Clock Rate (R. Koch, et al.).

Area-Efficient Multichannel Oversampled PCM Voice-Band Coder (B. Leung, et al.).

An 18b Oversampling A/D Converter for Digital Audio (K. Matsumoto, et al.).

A 14-Bit 80-kHz Sigma-Delta A/D Converter: Modeling, Design, and Performance Evaluation (S. Norsworthy, et al.).

Fully Differential CMOS Sigma-Delta Modulator for High Performance Analog-to-Digital Conversion with 5 V Operating Voltage (T. Ritoniemi, et al.).

A High-Resolution CMOS Sigma-Delta A/D Converter with 320 kHz Output Rate (M. Rebeschini, et al.).

A CMOS Slope Adaptive Delta Modulator (J. Scott, et al.).

Stereo 16-Bit Delta-Sigma A/D Converter for Digital Audio (D. Welland, et al.).


Using Triangularly Weighted Interpolation to Get 13-Bit PCM from a Sigma-Delta Modulator (J. Candy, et al.).

A Voiceband Codec with Digital Filtering (J. Candy, et al.).

Decimation for Sigma Delta Modulation (J. Candy).

Multirate Filter Designs Using Comb Filters (S. Chu & C. Burrus).

Interpolation and Decimation of Digital Signals—A Tutorial Review (R. Crochiere & L. Rabiner).

Wave Digital Decimation Filters in Oversample A/D Converters (E. Dijkstra, et al.).

A Design Methodology for Decimation Filters in Sigma Delta A/D Converters (E. Dijkstra, et al.).

On the Use of Modulo Arithmetic Comb Filters in Sigma Delta Modulators (E. Dijkstra, et al.).

Nine Digital Filters for Decimation and Interpolation (D. Goodman & M. Carey).

A Novel Architecture Design for VLSI Implementation of an FIR Decimation Filter (H. Meleis & P. Fur).

Efficient VLSI-realizable Decimators for Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters (T. Saramäki & H. Tenhunen).


Double Interpolation for Digital-to-Analog Conversion (J. Candy & A.-N. Huynh).

A 16-Bit 4th Order Noise-Shaping D/A Converter (L. Carley & J. Kenney).

A CMOS Stereo 16-Bit D/A Converter for Digital Audio (P. Naus, et al.).

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