Microstrip Lines and Slotlines, 2/e

K. C. Gupta




Be better prepared to meet design challenges with the latest design and analysis data available on planar microwave transmission structures -- including microstrip lines, slotlines, and coplanar waveguides. Four expert authors offer you todays most comprehensive information on transmission structures used in hybrid and monolithic circuits at microwave and mm-wave frequencies. This completely revised edition of the most authoritative book in the field includes:

  • Expanded and updated coverage of coplanar lines, plus an all-new chapter on finlines

  • Easy-to-access design formulas and models on printed transmission lines and their discontinuities

  • New data on microstrip elements and applications in mobile and wireless communications

  • New analytical techniques such as the Finite Element Method, the Transmission Line Matrix Method, and the Segmentation and Boundary Element Method

Featuring nearly 300 line drawings and 900 equations, Microstrip Lines and Slotlines, Second Edition is a must for engineers and managers involved with microwave integrated circuits and wireless communications circuit design. MMIC designers and graduate-level microwave students will also find the book an outstanding reference.


Table of Contents

Microstrip Lines I -- Quasi-Static Analyses, Dispersion Models and Measurements. Microstrip Lines II -- Fullwave Analyses, Design Considerations and Applications. Microstrip Discontinuities I -- Quasi-Static Analysis and Characterization. Microstrip Discontinuities II -- Fullwave Analyses and Measurements. Slotlines. Finlines. Coplanar Lines. Coupled Microstrip Lines.




- 擴展和更新的共面線覆蓋範圍,以及全新的關於翼線的章節
- 易於訪問的印刷傳輸線及其不連續性的設計公式和模型
- 關於微帶元件和在移動和無線通信中的應用的新資料
- 新的分析技術,如有限元法、傳輸線矩陣法和分割和邊界元法



- 微帶線I - 拟静态分析、色散模型和測量。微帶線II - 全波分析、設計考慮因素和應用。微帶不連續性I - 拟静态分析和特性化。微帶不連續性II - 全波分析和測量。縫隙線。翼線。共面線。耦合微帶線。