Fog Computing: Concepts, Frameworks, and Applications

Tomar, Ravi, Katal, Avita, Dahiya, Susheela

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  • 出版日期: 2022-07-11
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1032036192
  • ISBN-13: 9781032036199
  • 相關分類: Edge computing
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Fog Computing: Concepts, Frameworks, and Applications is arranged in such a way that readers with no prior experience in Fog Computing may explore this domain. It is an accessible source of information for distributed computing researchers as well as professionals looking to improve their security and connectivity understanding in Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This book is also useful for researchers and professionals working in the field of wireless communication security and privacy research. This book is intended for students, professionals, researchers, and developers who are working in or interested in the field of Fog Computing. One of the book's distinguishing aspects is that it covers a variety of case studies and future possibilities in the field of Fog Computing.

This book:

  • Begins by covering the fundamental notions of Fog Computing to help readers grasp the technology, starting from the basics
  • Explains Fog Computing architecture as well as the convergence of Fog, IoT, and Cloud Computing
  • Provides an assessment of Fog Computing and its applications in the field of IoT
  • Discusses the usage of software defined networking and machine learning algorithms as they apply to Fog Computing
  • Describes the different security and privacy issues with Fog Computing and explores single point control systems for consumer devices using Edge-Fog Computing
  • Outlines in detail how to leverage Blockchain technology in Fog Computing, as well as how to use Fog Computing in telemedicine and healthcare applications
  • Examines the usage of communication protocols, simulation tools for Fog Computing implementation, and case studies in the fields of bioinformatics, disaster control, and IoT



《Fog Computing: Concepts, Frameworks, and Applications》這本書以易於理解的方式安排,讓沒有前置經驗的讀者能夠探索Fog Computing領域。對於分散式計算研究人員以及希望提升對物聯網(IoT)設備安全性和連接性理解的專業人士來說,這是一個可靠的資訊來源。此書也對於從事無線通訊安全和隱私研究的研究人員和專業人士非常有用。本書面向在Fog Computing領域工作或感興趣的學生、專業人士、研究人員和開發人員。本書的一個獨特之處在於它涵蓋了Fog Computing領域的各種案例研究和未來可能性。

- 從基礎知識開始,介紹Fog Computing的基本概念,幫助讀者理解這項技術
- 解釋Fog Computing架構以及Fog、IoT和雲計算的融合
- 評估Fog Computing在IoT領域的應用
- 探討軟體定義網路和機器學習算法在Fog Computing中的應用
- 描述Fog Computing的不同安全和隱私問題,並探索使用邊緣-雲Fog Computing為消費者設備提供單點控制系統的方法
- 詳細介紹如何在Fog Computing中利用區塊鏈技術,以及如何在遠程醫療和醫療應用中使用Fog Computing
- 檢視通訊協議的使用、Fog Computing實施的模擬工具,以及在生物信息學、災害控制和IoT領域的案例研究

這本書提供了對Fog Computing的全面介紹,並探討了其在不同領域的應用。


Dr Ravi Tomar is currently working as Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science at the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun, India. He is an experienced academician with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Programming, Computer Networking, Stream processing, Python, Oracle Database, C++, Core Java, J2EE, RPA and CorDApp. His research interests include Wireless Sensor Networks, Image Processing, Data Mining and Warehousing, Computer Networks, big data technologies and VANET. He has authored 51+ papers in different research areas, filled four Indian patent, edited 5 books and have authored 4 books. He has delivered Training to corporates nationally and internationally on Confluent Apache Kafka, Stream Processing, RPA, CordaApp, J2EE and IoT to clients like KeyBank, Accenture, Union Bank of Philippines, Ernst and Young and Deloitte. Dr Tomar is officially recognized as Instructor for Confluent and CordApp. He has conducted various International conferences in India, France and Nepal. He has been awarded a young researcher in Computer Science and Engineering by RedInno, India in 2018, Academic Excellence and Research ExcellenceaAward by UPES in 2021.

Ms. Avita Katal is working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Systemics, School of Computer Science, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. She has received her B. E degree from University of Jammu in Computer Science Engineering in 2010 and M. Tech degree in the year 2013. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in the area of Cloud Computing. Her research interest is in the area of Cloud Computing, Mobile Ad hoc Networks, IOT, and Artificial Intelligence etc. Prior to this, she has worked has an Assistant professor in Department of Computer Science and Information Technology in Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun from 2013 to 2016. She joined School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies in 2016 as an Assistant Professor. She has published various research papers in renowned conferences and journals and has served as a reviewer in various conferences.

Niharika Singh received her Doctorate degree in CSE from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. Also, Master's degree in CSE from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies and Bachelor's Degree in ECE from Uttar Pradesh technical University. She has more than seven years of experience in teaching and research. Currently, working as Assistant Professor in School of Computer Science, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) Dehradun. Her area of research is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Soft Computing and Image Processing. She has authored many research papers in various conferences and journals.

Dr. Susheela Dahiya is currently working as an Assistant Professor (Selection Grade) in the School of Computer Science at the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. She has received her M. Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering) in 2008 and Ph.D. degree in 2015 from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. She had also qualified GATE and NET in Computer Science. She has more than 9 years of academic/research/industry experience. Her research interests include Image & Video Processing, IoT, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and Deep Learning. She has authored several research papers in renowned conferences, Scopus & SCI journals.

Dr. Tanupriya Choudhury received his bachelor's degree in CSE from West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata, India, and master's Degree in CSE from Dr. M.G.R University, Chennai, India.He has received his PhD degree in the year 2016. He has Ten years' experience in teaching as well as in Research. Currently he is working as an Associate Professor in dept. of CSE at UPES Dehradun. Recently he has received Global Outreach Education Award for Excellence in best Young researcher Award in GOECA 2018 . His areas of interests include Human computing, Soft computing, Cloud computing, Data Mining etc. He has filed 14 patents till date and received 16 copyrights from MHRD for his own softwares. He has been associated with many conferences in India and abroad. He has authored more than 85 research papers till date. He has delivered invited talk and guest lecture in Jamia Millia Islamia University, Maharaja Agersen College of Delhi University, Duy Tan University Vietnam etc. He has been associated with many conferences throughout India as TPC member and session chair etc. He is a lifetime member of IETA, member of IEEE, and member of IET (UK) and other renowned technical societies. He is associated with Corporate and he is Technical Adviser of DeetyaSoft Pvt. Ltd. Noida, IVRGURU, and Mydigital360 etc. He is holding the post of Secretary in IETA (Indian Engineering Teacher's Association-India), He is also holding the Advisor Position in INDO-UK Confederation of Science, Technology and Research Ltd., London, UK and International Association of Professional and Fellow Engineers-Delaware-USA.


Dr. Ravi Tomar目前在印度德拉敦的石油和能源研究大學的計算機科學學院擔任副教授。他是一位有豐富經驗的學者,在高等教育行業有著豐富的工作經歷。他擅長編程、計算機網絡、流處理、Python、Oracle數據庫、C++、核心Java、J2EE、RPA和CorDApp。他的研究興趣包括無線傳感器網絡、圖像處理、數據挖掘和數據倉儲、計算機網絡、大數據技術和VANET。他在不同的研究領域撰寫了51篇以上的論文,填寫了四項印度專利,編輯了5本書並撰寫了4本書。他曾向國內外企業提供Confluent Apache Kafka、流處理、RPA、CordaApp、J2EE和物聯網等培訓,客戶包括KeyBank、Accenture、菲律賓聯合銀行、安永和德勤。Tomar博士被正式認可為Confluent和CordApp的講師。他在印度、法國和尼泊爾舉辦了各種國際會議。他於2018年獲得了印度RedInno頒發的計算機科學和工程青年研究員獎,並於2021年獲得了UPES頒發的學術卓越和研究卓越獎。

Avita Katal女士在德拉敦的石油和能源研究大學的計算機科學學院系統學系擔任助理教授。她於2010年獲得了來自賈姆納大學的計算機科學工程學士學位,並於2013年獲得了碩士學位。她目前正在攻讀雲計算領域的博士學位。她的研究興趣包括雲計算、移動自組網絡、物聯網和人工智能等領域。在此之前,她曾在德拉敦的Graphic Era Hill大學計算機科學和信息技術系擔任助理教授,從2013年到2016年。她於2016年加入石油和能源研究大學的計算機科學和工程學院擔任助理教授。她在知名會議和期刊上發表了多篇研究論文,並擔任過多個會議的審稿人。

Niharika Singh博士獲得了石油和能源研究大學的計算機科學和工程學博士學位。她還獲得了石油和能源研究大學的計算機科學和工程學碩士學位,以及北方邦技術大學的電子和通信工程學士學位。她在教學和研究方面擁有七年以上的經驗。目前,她在石油和能源研究大學的計算機科學學院擔任助理教授。她的研究領域包括人工智能、機器學習、軟計算和圖像處理。她在各種會議和期刊上發表了許多研究論文。

Susheela Dahiya博士目前在印度德拉敦的石油和能源研究大學的計算機科學學院擔任助理教授(選拔級)。她於2008年獲得了印度羅爾基工學院的計算機科學和工程碩士學位,並於2015年獲得了博士學位。她還通過了計算機科學的GATE和NET考試。她擁有超過9年的學術/研究/行業經驗。她的研究興趣包括圖像和視頻處理、物聯網、網絡安全、雲計算和深度學習。她在知名會議、Scopus和SCI期刊上發表了多篇研究論文。

Tanupriya Choudhury博士在印度加爾各答的西孟加拉理工大學獲得了計算機科學與工程學士學位,並在印度金奈的M.G.R大學獲得了計算機科學與工程碩士學位。他於2016年獲得博士學位。他在教學和研究方面擁有十年的經驗。目前,他在石油和能源研究大學的計算機科學學院的計算機科學與工程系擔任副教授。最近,他獲得了全球外展教育卓越獎,以表彰他在最佳年輕方面的卓越貢獻。