Powershell Cookbook: Your Complete Guide to Scripting the Ubiquitous Object-Based Shell (Paperback)

Holmes, Lee

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  • 出版日期: 2021-07-20
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN-13: 9781098101602
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How do you use PowerShell to navigate the filesystem, manage files and folders, or retrieve a web page? This introduction to the PowerShell language and scripting environment provides more than 400 task-oriented recipes to help you solve all kinds of problems. Intermediate to advanced system administrators will find more than 100 tried-and-tested scripts they can copy and use immediately.

Updated for PowerShell 5, Open Source PowerShell up to 7 and beyond, this comprehensive cookbook includes hands-on recipes for common tasks and administrative jobs that you can apply whether you're on the client or server version of Windows. You also get quick references to technologies used in conjunction with PowerShell, including format specifiers and frequently referenced registry keys to selected .NET, COM, and WMI classes.

  • Learn how to use PowerShell on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019
  • Tour PowerShell's core features, including the command model, object-based pipeline, and ubiquitous scripting
  • Master fundamentals such as the interactive shell, pipeline, and object concepts
  • Perform common tasks that involve working with files, Internet-connected scripts, user interaction, and more
  • Solve tasks in systems and enterprise management, such as working with Active Directory and the filesystem


如何使用 PowerShell 瀏覽檔案系統、管理檔案和資料夾,或擷取網頁?這本介紹 PowerShell 語言和腳本環境的書籍提供了超過 400 個以任務為導向的食譜,幫助您解決各種問題。中級到高級系統管理員將找到超過 100 個經過驗證的腳本,可以立即複製和使用。

本書已更新至 PowerShell 5,並包括開源 PowerShell 7 及更高版本,提供了常見任務和管理工作的實用食譜,無論您是在 Windows 的用戶端還是伺服器版本上使用。您還可以快速查閱與 PowerShell 一起使用的技術,包括格式指定符和常用的註冊表鍵,以及選定的 .NET、COM 和 WMI 類別。

  • 學習如何在 Windows 10 和 Windows Server 2019 上使用 PowerShell

  • 深入了解 PowerShell 的核心功能,包括命令模型、基於物件的管道和無所不在的腳本

  • 掌握互動式 shell、管道和物件概念等基礎知識

  • 執行涉及檔案、連網腳本、使用者互動等常見任務

  • 解決系統和企業管理中的任務,例如與 Active Directory 和檔案系統的操作


Lee Holmes is a developer on the Microsoft Windows PowerShell team, and has been an authoritative source of information about PowerShell since its earliest betas. His vast experience with Windows PowerShell enables him to integrate both the 'how' and the 'why' into discussions. Lee's involvement with the PowerShell and administration community (via newsgroups, mailing lists, and blogs) gives him a great deal of insight into the problems faced by all levels of administrators and PowerShell users alike.


Lee Holmes是Microsoft Windows PowerShell團隊的開發人員,自從PowerShell的早期測試版以來,他一直是PowerShell相關資訊的權威來源。他在Windows PowerShell方面的豐富經驗使他能夠將「如何」和「為什麼」融入討論中。Lee通過新聞組、郵件列表和博客與PowerShell和管理社區互動,這使他對所有級別的管理員和PowerShell使用者所面臨的問題有很深入的了解。