Certified Kubernetes Administrator (Cka) Study Guide: In-Depth Guidance and Practice (Paperback)

Muschko, Benjamin

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  • 出版日期: 2022-07-19
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The ability to administer and monitor a Kubernetes cluster is in high demand today. To meet this need, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation developed a certification exam to establish an administrator's credibility and value in the job market to confidently work in a Kubernetes environment.

The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification exam is different from the typical multiple-choice format of other professional certifications. Instead, the CKA is a performance-based exam that requires deep knowledge of the tasks under immense time pressure.

This study guide walks you through all the topics covered to fully prepare you for the exam. Author Benjamin Muschko also shares his personal experience with preparing for all aspects of the exam.

  • Learn when and how to apply Kubernetes concepts to administer and troubleshoot a production-grade cluster
  • Understand the objectives, abilities, and tips and tricks needed to pass the CKA exam
  • Explore the ins and outs of the kubectl command-line tool
  • Demonstrate competency to perform the responsibilities of a Kubernetes administrator
  • Solve real-world Kubernetes problems in a hands-on command-line environment
  • Effectively navigate and solve questions during the CKA exam


如今,管理和監控Kubernetes集群的能力非常受到需求的追捧。為了滿足這一需求,Cloud Native Computing Foundation開發了一個認證考試,以建立管理員在就業市場上的可信度和價值,並能夠自信地在Kubernetes環境中工作。

Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA)認證考試與其他專業認證的典型多選題格式不同。相反,CKA是一個基於表現的考試,需要在極大的時間壓力下對任務有深入的了解。

本學習指南將引導您深入了解所有涵蓋的主題,以充分為考試做好準備。作者Benjamin Muschko還分享了他在準備考試的各個方面的個人經驗。

- 學習何時以及如何應用Kubernetes概念來管理和疑難排解生產級別的集群
- 理解通過CKA考試所需的目標、能力、技巧和訣竅
- 探索kubectl命令行工具的方方面面
- 展示執行Kubernetes管理員職責的能力
- 在實際的命令行環境中解決真實的Kubernetes問題
- 在CKA考試期間有效地導航和解決問題