Becoming KCNA Certified: Build a strong foundation in cloud native and Kubernetes and pass the KCNA exam with ease

Galkin, Dmitry

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  • 相關分類: Kubernetes
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Kick-start your learning journey and implement both Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies in real-life scenarios with this essential, practical guide to the KCNA exam

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Key Features

- Gain an in-depth understanding of cloud-native computing and Kubernetes concepts
- Prepare for the KCNA exam with the help of practical examples and mock exams
- Manage your applications better with Kubernetes container orchestration

Book Description

The job market related to the cloud and cloud-native technologies is both growing and becoming increasingly competitive, making certifications like KCNA a great way to stand out from the crowd and learn about the latest advancements in cloud technologies.

Becoming KCNA Certified doesn't just give you the practical skills needed to deploy and connect applications in Kubernetes, but it also prepares you to pass the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) exam on your first attempt.

The book starts by introducing you to cloud-native computing, containers, and Kubernetes through practical examples, allowing you to test the theory out for yourself. You'll learn how to configure and provide storage for your Kubernetes-managed applications and explore the principles of modern cloud-native architecture and application delivery, giving you a well-rounded view of the subject. Once you've been through the theoretical and practical aspects of the book, you'll get the chance to test what you’ve learnt with two mock exams, with explanations of the answers, so you'll be well-prepared to appear for the KCNA exam.

By the end of this Kubernetes book, you'll have everything you need to pass the KCNA exam and forge a career in Kubernetes and cloud-native computing.

What you will learn

- Get to grips with Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and its projects
- Build, configure, and run containers with Docker
- Bootstrap minimal Kubernetes clusters for learning
- Manage and encrypt container traffic with Service Mesh
- Deploy, configure, and update applications on Kubernetes
- Control and connect the applications that run on Kubernetes
- Manage storage and provide observability on Kubernetes
- Automate software development with CI/CD and GitOps

Who This Book Is For

This book is for DevOps engineers, system administrators, developers, fresh IT graduates, or anyone interested in cloud native architecture, applications, and technologies. Those with relevant work experience looking to upskill themselves in order to manage their applications with Kubernetes in a better way will also find this book helpful. Familiarity with IT fundamentals, networks, and command line interface (CLI) is required, but no prior knowledge of Kubernetes, docker, or cloud services is needed to get started with this book.





- 深入了解雲原生計算和Kubernetes概念
- 通過實際示例和模擬考試準備KCNA考試
- 通過Kubernetes容器編排更好地管理應用程序







- 瞭解Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF)及其項目
- 使用Docker構建、配置和運行容器
- 為學習構建最小的Kubernetes集群
- 使用Service Mesh管理和加密容器流量
- 在Kubernetes上部署、配置和更新應用程序
- 控制和連接在Kubernetes上運行的應用程序
- 在Kubernetes上管理存儲並提供可觀察性
- 使用CI/CD和GitOps自動化軟件開發



1. From Cloud to Cloud Native and Kubernetes
2. Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Kubernetes Certifications
3. Getting Started with Containers
4. Exploring Container Runtimes, Interfaces and Service Meshes
5. Orchestrating Containers with Kubernetes
6. Deploying and Scaling Containers
7. Application Placement and Debugging with Kubernetes
8. Following Kubernetes Best Practices
9. Understanding Cloud Native Architectures
10. Implementing Telemetry and Observability in the Cloud
11. Automating Cloud Native Application delivery
12. Practicing for the KCNA exam
13. Moving forward


1. 從雲端到雲原生和Kubernetes
2. 雲原生計算基金會和Kubernetes認證
3. 開始使用容器
4. 探索容器運行時、介面和服務網格
5. 使用Kubernetes編排容器
6. 部署和擴展容器
7. 使用Kubernetes進行應用程式部署和除錯
8. 遵循Kubernetes最佳實踐
9. 理解雲原生架構
10. 在雲端實現遙測和可觀察性
11. 自動化雲原生應用程式交付
12. 為KCNA考試做準備
13. 展望未來