Learning Devsecops: A Practical Guide to Processes and Tools

Suehring, Steve

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  • 出版日期: 2024-06-18
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  • ISBN: 1098144864
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How can organizations integrate security while continuously deploying new features? How can some maintain 24-7-365 operations at internet scale? How do they integrate security into their DevOps organization?

This practical guide helps you answer those questions and more. Author Steve Suehring provides unique content to help practitioners and leadership successfully implement DevOps and DevSecOps. Learning DevSecOps places an emphasis on prerequisites for success before looking at best practices, and then takes you through some of the tools and software used by successful DevSecOps-enabled organizations.

You'll learn how DevOps and DevSecOps can eliminate the walls that exist between development, operations, and security so that you can tackle the needs of other teams early in the development lifecycle.

With this book, you will:

  • Learn why DevSecOps is about culture and processes, with tools to support the processes
  • Understand why DevSecOps practices are key elements to deploying software in a 24-7 environment
  • Deploy software using a DevSecOps toolchain and create scripts to assist
  • Integrate processes from other teams earlier in the software development lifecycle
  • Help team members learn the processes important for successful software development


如何在持續部署新功能的同時,組織能夠整合安全性?如何在互聯網規模下保持全年無休的運營?他們如何將安全性整合到他們的DevOps組織中?這本實用指南將幫助您回答這些問題以及更多。作者Steve Suehring提供了獨特的內容,以幫助從業人員和領導成功實施DevOps和DevSecOps。《學習DevSecOps》強調成功的先決條件,然後介紹最佳實踐,並介紹了成功實施DevSecOps的組織使用的一些工具和軟件。您將學習如何通過DevOps和DevSecOps消除開發、運營和安全之間存在的隔閡,以便在開發生命周期的早期滿足其他團隊的需求。通過這本書,您將: - 了解為什麼DevSecOps是關於文化和流程,並提供支持流程的工具 - 理解為什麼DevSecOps實踐是在全年無休的環境中部署軟件的關鍵要素 - 使用DevSecOps工具鏈部署軟件並創建腳本以協助 - 在軟件開發生命周期的早期整合來自其他團隊的流程 - 幫助團隊成員學習對成功的軟件開發至關重要的流程