AWS DevOps Simplified: Build a solid foundation in AWS to deliver enterprise-grade software solutions at scale

Kapoor, Akshay

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  • 出版日期: 2023-09-29
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  • ISBN-13: 9781837634460
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The complete guide to increasing the DevOps maturity of your organization while adhering to AWS’ well-architected principles

Key Features

  • Increase your organization’s DevOps maturity level from both strategic and tactical standpoint
  • Get hands-on AWS experience with ready-to-deploy code examples covering enterprise scenarios
  • Advance your career with practical advice to ensure customer satisfaction and stakeholder buy-in
  • Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook

Book Description

DevOps and AWS are the two key enablers for the success of any modern software-run business. DevOps accelerates software delivery, while AWS offers a plethora of services, allowing developers to prioritize business outcomes without worrying about undifferentiated heavy lifting. This book focuses on the synergy between them, equipping you with strong foundations, hands-on examples, and a strategy to accelerate your DevOps journey on AWS.

AWS DevOps Simplified is a practical guide that starts with an introduction to AWS DevOps offerings and aids you in choosing a cloud service that fits your company's operating model. Following this, it provides hands-on tutorials on the GitOps approach to software delivery, covering immutable infrastructure and pipelines, using tools such as Packer, CDK, and CodeBuild/CodeDeploy. Additionally, it provides you with a deep understanding of AWS container services and how to implement observability and DevSecOps best practices to build and operate your multi-account, multi-Region AWS environments.

By the end of this book, you’ll be equipped with solutions and ready-to-deploy code samples that address common DevOps challenges faced by enterprises hosting workloads in the cloud.

What you will learn

  • Develop a strong and practical understanding of AWS DevOps services
  • Manage infrastructure on AWS using tools such as Packer and CDK
  • Implement observability to bring key system behaviors to the surface
  • Adopt the DevSecOps approach by integrating AWS and open source solutions
  • Gain proficiency in using AWS container services for scalable software management
  • Map your solution designs with AWS’s Well-Architected Framework
  • Discover how to manage multi-account, multi-Region AWS environments
  • Learn how to organize your teams to boost collaboration

Who this book is for

This book is for software professional who build or operate software on AWS. If you have basic knowledge of AWS Console or CLI, this book will help you build or enhance your DevOps skills by developing a solid foundational understanding of AWS offerings. You’ll also find it useful if you’re looking to optimize your software delivery cycles and build reliable, cost-optimized, secure, and sustainable solutions on AWS.



- 從戰略和戰術的角度提升組織的DevOps成熟度水平
- 通過現成的代碼示例,獲得實際的AWS經驗,涵蓋企業場景
- 提供實用建議,以確保客戶滿意度和利益相關者的支持
- 購買印刷版或Kindle電子書,可獲得免費的PDF電子書


《AWS DevOps Simplified》是一本實用指南,從AWS DevOps提供的介紹開始,幫助您選擇適合公司運營模型的雲服務。接著,它提供了有關GitOps方法的實用教程,涵蓋了不可變基礎設施和流水線,使用Packer、CDK和CodeBuild/CodeDeploy等工具。此外,它還為您提供了對AWS容器服務的深入理解,以及如何實施可觀察性和DevSecOps最佳實踐,以構建和運營多帳戶、多區域的AWS環境。


- 建立對AWS DevOps服務的強大而實用的理解
- 使用Packer和CDK等工具在AWS上管理基礎設施
- 實施可觀察性,將關鍵系統行為呈現出來
- 通過集成AWS和開源解決方案,採用DevSecOps方法
- 熟練使用AWS容器服務進行可擴展軟件管理
- 將解決方案設計與AWS的良好架構框架相匹配
- 瞭解如何管理多帳戶、多區域的AWS環境
- 學習如何組織團隊以促進協作

- 在AWS上構建或運營軟件的軟件專業人士
- 如果您對AWS控制台或CLI有基本的了解,本書將幫助您建立或增強DevOps技能,並建立對AWS提供的基礎理解
- 如果您希望優化軟件交付週期,在AWS上構建可靠、成本優化、安全和可持續的解決方案,本書也將對您有所幫助。


  1. Accelerating Your DevOps Journey with AWS
  2. Choosing the Right Cloud Service
  3. Leveraging Immutable Infrastructure in the Cloud
  4. Managing Infrastructure as Code with AWS CloudFormation
  5. Rolling Out a CI/CD Pipeline
  6. Programmatic Approach to IaC with AWS CDK
  7. Running Containers in AWS
  8. Enabling the Observability of Your Workloads
  9. Implementing DevSecOps with AWS
  10. Setting Up Teams for Success
  11. Ensuring a Strong AWS Foundation for Multi-Account and Multi-Region Environments
  12. Adhering to AWS Well-Architected Principles


- 加速您的 DevOps 之旅與 AWS
- 選擇適合的雲端服務
- 在雲端中利用不可變基礎架構
- 使用 AWS CloudFormation 管理基礎架構即代碼
- 推出 CI/CD 流程
- 使用 AWS CDK 進行基礎架構即代碼的程式化方法
- 在 AWS 中執行容器
- 啟用工作負載的可觀察性
- 使用 AWS 實施 DevSecOps
- 為成功建立團隊
- 確保多帳戶和多區域環境的強大 AWS 基礎
- 遵循 AWS 良好架構原則