Effective Rust: 35 Specific Ways to Improve Your Rust Code

Drysdale, David

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  • 出版日期: 2024-05-07
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Rust's popularity is growing, due in part to features like memory safety, type safety, and thread safety. But these same elements can also make learning Rust a challenge, even for experienced programmers. This practical guide helps you make the transition to writing idiomatic Rust--while also making full use of Rust's type system, safety guarantees, and burgeoning ecosystem.

If you're a software engineer who has experience with an existing compiled language, or if you've struggled to convert a basic understanding of Rust syntax into working programs, this book is for you. By focusing on the conceptual differences between Rust and other compiled languages, and by providing specific recommendations that programmers can easily follow, Effective Rust will soon have you writing fluent Rust, not just badly translated C++.

  • Understand the structure of Rust's type system
  • Learn Rust idioms for error handling, iteration, and more
  • Discover how to work with Rust's crate ecosystem
  • Use Rust's type system to express your design
  • Win fights with the borrow checker
  • Build a robust project that takes full advantage of the Rust tooling ecosystem



如果您是一位有經驗的軟體工程師,具有現有編譯語言的經驗,或者曾經努力將對Rust語法的基本理解轉化為可運行的程式碼,那麼這本書適合您。通過專注於Rust與其他編譯語言之間的概念差異,並提供程序員可以輕鬆遵循的具體建議,《Effective Rust》將很快讓您寫出流利的Rust程式碼,而不僅僅是翻譯不好的C++程式碼。

- 理解Rust類型系統的結構
- 學習Rust的錯誤處理、迭代等慣用法
- 探索如何使用Rust的crate生態系統
- 利用Rust的類型系統來表達設計
- 與借用檢查器進行鬥爭
- 構建一個充分利用Rust工具生態系統的強大專案