Making Embedded Systems: Design Patterns for Great Software 2nd Edition

White, Elecia

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  • 出版日期: 2024-04-09
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Interested in developing embedded systems? Since they don't tolerate inefficiency, these systems require a disciplined approach to programming. This easy-to-read guide helps you cultivate good development practices based on classic software design patterns and new patterns unique to embedded programming. You'll learn how to build system architecture for processors, not operating systems, and discover techniques for dealing with hardware difficulties, changing designs, and manufacturing requirements.

Written by Elecia White, an expert who's created embedded systems ranging from DNA scanners to children's toys, this book is ideal for intermediate and experienced programmers, no matter what platform you use. This expanded update includes new chapters on IoT and networked sensors, motors and movement, and data handling strategies.

  • Optimize your system to reduce cost and increase performance
  • Develop an architecture that makes your software robust in resource-constrained environments
  • Explore sensors, displays, motors, and other I/O devices
  • Reduce RAM and power consumption, code space, and processor cycles
  • Learn how to interpret schematics, datasheets, and power requirements
  • Discover how to implement complex mathematics and machine learning on small processors
  • Design effective embedded systems for IoT and networked sensors


對於開發嵌入式系統有興趣嗎?由於這些系統不容忍效率低下,因此需要一種紀律性的程式設計方法。這本易於閱讀的指南將幫助您培養基於經典軟體設計模式和嵌入式程式設計獨特模式的良好開發實踐。您將學習如何為處理器而非操作系統建立系統架構,並探索處理硬體困難、設計變更和製造需求的技巧。本書由Elecia White撰寫,她是一位專業人士,曾經創建過從DNA掃描儀到兒童玩具的嵌入式系統,無論您使用哪個平台,這本書都非常適合中級和有經驗的程式設計師。這次擴充更新還包括關於物聯網和網絡感應器、馬達和運動以及數據處理策略的新章節。

- 優化系統以降低成本並提高性能
- 開發一種在資源受限環境中使軟體強健的架構
- 探索感應器、顯示器、馬達和其他輸入/輸出設備
- 減少RAM和功耗、程式碼空間和處理器週期
- 學習如何解讀原理圖、資料表和功率需求
- 發現如何在小型處理器上實現複雜的數學和機器學習
- 為物聯網和網絡感應器設計有效的嵌入式系統