Statistical Tableau: How to Use Statistical Models and Decision Science in Tableau

Lang, Ethan

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  • 出版日期: 2024-06-11
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1098151798
  • ISBN-13: 9781098151799
  • 相關分類: Data-visualization
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To make sense of the vast amount of data in today's business landscape, you not only need to visualize data, but incorporate statistics into your visualizations as well. This practical book walks intermediate to advanced Tableau users through ways that statistics can help you incorporate decision science into the visualizations you create. Data analysts, business analysts, and business intelligence specialists will greatly benefit from this book.

Author Ethan Lang, data visualization designer and engineer, explains the decision science process and then demonstrates how you, your stakeholders, and your business can take action and make informed decisions with data much faster than before. You'll learn how this process will help you make more sense of your data and make data analysis more actionable and insightful.

This book helps you:

  • Get up to speed with the basic statistics & Tableau concepts you need to know
  • Understand how to incorporate statistical models into your visualizations and/or analysis
  • Understand how to explore your data to ensure you implement the correct models
  • Explore multiple ways to detect and visualize anomalies in your data
  • Use and understand tools native to Tableau to implement different regression models, forecasting, and clustering
  • Download the necessary software and connect to external connections
  • Explore examples that show you how to build and implement models using external connections



作者Ethan Lang是一位數據可視化設計師和工程師,他解釋了決策科學的過程,並演示了您、利益相關者和您的企業如何能夠更快地行動起來並做出明智的決策。您將學習到這個過程如何幫助您更好地理解數據,使數據分析更具可行性和洞察力。

- 熟悉您需要了解的基本統計和Tableau概念
- 理解如何將統計模型納入您的可視化和/或分析中
- 理解如何探索數據以確保您實施正確的模型
- 探索多種檢測和可視化數據異常的方法
- 使用並理解Tableau原生工具來實施不同的回歸模型、預測和聚類
- 下載必要的軟件並連接到外部連接
- 通過示例探索如何使用外部連接構建和實施模型