Learning Tableau 2022 - Fifth Edition: Create effective data visualizations, build interactive visual analytics, and improve your data storytelling ca

Milligan, Joshua N.

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  • 出版日期: 2022-08-26
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1801072329
  • ISBN-13: 9781801072328
  • 相關分類: Data-visualization
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Now in color, this edition of Learning Tableau will empower you to bring data to life and make better business decisions

Key Features:

  • Learn the basics of data analysis, from snappy visualizations to comprehensive dashboards
  • Gain meaningful insights with geospatial analysis, scripting extensions, and other advanced methods
  • Explore the latest Tableau 2022 features, including Einstein Discovery and Explain Data

Book Description:

Learning Tableau 2022 helps you get started with Tableau and data visualization, but it does more than just cover the basic principles. It helps you understand how to analyze and communicate data visually, and articulate data stories using advanced features.

This new edition is updated with Tableau's latest features, such as dashboard extensions, Explain Data, and integration with CRM Analytics (Einstein Analytics), which will help you harness the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive modeling in Tableau.

After an exploration of the core principles, this book will teach you how to use table and level of detail calculations to extend and alter default visualizations, build interactive dashboards, and master the art of telling stories with data.

You'll learn about visual statistical analytics and create different types of static and animated visualizations and dashboards for rich user experiences. We then move on to interlinking different data sources with Tableau's Data Model capabilities, along with maps and geospatial visualization. You will further use Tableau Prep Builder's ability to efficiently clean and structure data.

By the end of this book, you will be proficient in implementing the powerful features of Tableau 2022 to improve the business intelligence insights you can extract from your data.

What You Will Learn:

  • Develop stunning visualizations to explain complex data with clarity
  • Build interactive dashboards to drive actionable user insights
  • Explore Data Model capabilities and interlink data from various sources
  • Create and use calculations to solve problems and enrich your analytics
  • Enable smart decision-making with data clustering, distribution, and forecasting
  • Extend Tableau's native functionality with extensions, scripts, and AI through CRM Analytics (formerly Einstein Analytics)
  • Leverage Tableau Prep Builder's amazing capabilities for data cleaning and structuring
  • Share your data stories to build a culture of trust and action

Who this book is for:

This Tableau book is for aspiring BI developers and data analysts, data scientists, researchers, and anyone else who wants to gain a deeper understanding of data through Tableau. This book starts from the ground up, so you won't need any prior experience with Tableau before you dive in, but a full Tableau license (or 14-day demo license) is essential to be able to make use of all the exercises.


現在以彩色呈現的《學習 Tableau》這本書將使您能夠將數據活現出來,做出更好的商業決策。

- 學習從簡潔的視覺化到全面的儀表板的基礎數據分析
- 通過地理空間分析、腳本擴展和其他高級方法獲得有意義的洞察力
- 探索最新的 Tableau 2022 功能,包括 Einstein Discovery 和 Explain Data

《學習 Tableau 2022》幫助您入門 Tableau 和數據可視化,但它不僅僅涵蓋基本原則。它還幫助您理解如何以視覺方式分析和傳達數據,並使用高級功能表達數據故事。

這個新版本更新了 Tableau 的最新功能,例如儀表板擴展、Explain Data 和與 CRM Analytics(Einstein Analytics)的集成,這將幫助您充分利用 Tableau 中人工智能(AI)和預測建模的潛力。


您將學習有關視覺統計分析,並創建不同類型的靜態和動畫視覺化和儀表板,為用戶提供豐富的使用體驗。然後,我們將繼續使用 Tableau 的數據模型功能將不同的數據源進行互聯,以及地圖和地理空間可視化。您還將使用 Tableau Prep Builder 的能力高效地清理和結構化數據。

通過閱讀本書,您將能夠熟練使用 Tableau 2022 的強大功能,從而提高從數據中提取的商業智能洞察力。

- 開發令人驚豔的視覺化圖表,以清晰地解釋複雜數據
- 構建互動式儀表板,以獲得可行的用戶洞察力
- 探索數據模型功能,並從各種來源進行數據互聯
- 創建和使用計算來解決問題,豐富您的分析
- 通過數據聚類、分佈和預測實現智能決策
- 通過擴展、腳本和 CRM Analytics(以前稱為 Einstein Analytics)利用 Tableau 的本地功能
- 利用 Tableau Prep Builder 的強大功能進行數據清理和結構化
- 分享您的數據故事,建立信任和行動的文化

本書適合有志成為商業智能開發人員和數據分析師、數據科學家、研究人員以及希望通過 Tableau 深入了解數據的其他人。本書從基礎開始,因此您在開始閱讀之前不需要任何 Tableau 的經驗,但是擁有完整的 Tableau 授權(或 14 天試用授權)對於能夠使用所有練習至關重要。