VMware vSphere Performance: Designing CPU, Memory, Storage, and Networking for Performance-Intensive Workloads (Paperback)

Matt Liebowitz, Christopher Kusek, Rynardt Spies



Covering the latest VMware vSphere software, an essential book aimed at solving vSphere performance problems before they happen

VMware vSphere is the industry's most widely deployed virtualization solution. However, if you improperly deploy vSphere, performance problems occur. Aimed at VMware administrators and engineers and written by a team of VMware experts, this resource provides guidance on common CPU, memory, storage, and network-related problems. Plus, step-by-step instructions walk you through techniques for solving problems and shed light on possible causes behind the problems.

  • Divulges troubleshooting methodologies, performance monitoring tools, and techniques and tools for isolating performance problems
  • Details the necessary steps for handling CPU, memory, storage, and network-related problems
  • Offers understanding on the interactions between VMware vSphere and CPU, memory, storage, and network

VMware vSphere Performance is the resource you need to diagnose and handle VMware vSphere performance problems, and avoid them in the future.


涵蓋最新的VMware vSphere軟體,這本書旨在解決vSphere性能問題,並在問題發生之前解決。

VMware vSphere是業界最廣泛部署的虛擬化解決方案。然而,如果您不正確部署vSphere,就會出現性能問題。這本書針對VMware管理員和工程師,由一個VMware專家團隊撰寫,提供了有關常見的CPU、內存、存儲和網絡相關問題的指導。此外,逐步指南將引導您解決問題的技巧,並揭示問題背後可能的原因。

這本書揭示了故障排除方法論、性能監控工具、以及隔離性能問題的技術和工具。詳細介紹了處理CPU、內存、存儲和網絡相關問題所需的步驟。還提供了有關VMware vSphere與CPU、內存、存儲和網絡之間相互作用的理解。

《VMware vSphere性能》是您診斷和處理VMware vSphere性能問題,並在未來避免這些問題所需的資源。