Professional Java for Web Applications (Paperback)

Nicholas S. Williams



The comprehensive Wrox guide for creating Java web applications for the enterprise

This guide shows Java software developers and software engineers how to build complex web applications in an enterprise environment. You'll begin with an introduction to the Java Enterprise Edition and the basic web application, then set up a development application server environment, learn about the tools used in the development process, and explore numerous Java technologies and practices. The book covers industry-standard tools and technologies, specific technologies, and underlying programming concepts.

  • Java is an essential programming language used worldwide for both Android app development and enterprise-level corporate solutions
  • As a step-by-step guide or a general reference, this book provides an all-in-one Java development solution
  • Explains Java Enterprise Edition 7 and the basic web application, how to set up a development application server environment, which tools are needed during the development process, and how to apply various Java technologies
  • Covers new language features in Java 8, such as Lambda Expressions, and the new Java 8 Date & Time API introduced as part of JSR 310, replacing the legacy Date and Calendar APIs
  • Demonstrates the new, fully-duplex WebSocket web connection technology and its support in Java EE 7, allowing the reader to create rich, truly interactive web applications that can push updated data to the client automatically
  • Instructs the reader in the configuration and use of Log4j 2.0, Spring Framework 4 (including Spring Web MVC), Hibernate Validator, RabbitMQ, Hibernate ORM, Spring Data, Hibernate Search, and Spring Security
  • Covers application logging, JSR 340 Servlet API 3.1, JSR 245 JavaServer Pages (JSP) 2.3 (including custom tag libraries), JSR 341 Expression Language 3.0, JSR 356 WebSocket API 1.0, JSR 303/349 Bean Validation 1.1, JSR 317/338 Java Persistence API (JPA) 2.1, full-text searching with JPA, RESTful and SOAP web services, Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), and OAuth

Professional Java for Web Applications is the complete Wrox guide for software developers who are familiar with Java and who are ready to build high-level enterprise Java web applications.



- Java是一種全球使用的重要程式語言,用於Android應用程式開發和企業級解決方案。
- 本書提供了一個全方位的Java開發解決方案,可以作為逐步指南或一般參考使用。
- 解釋了Java企業版7和基本的網頁應用程式,如何設置開發應用程式伺服器環境,開發過程中需要使用哪些工具,以及如何應用各種Java技術。
- 詳細介紹了Java 8中的新語言特性,如Lambda表達式,以及作為JSR 310的一部分引入的新的Java 8日期和時間API,取代了舊的日期和日曆API。
- 演示了新的全雙工WebSocket網頁連接技術及其在Java EE 7中的支援,讓讀者能夠創建豐富、真正互動的網頁應用程式,可以自動向客戶端推送更新的數據。
- 指導讀者配置和使用Log4j 2.0、Spring Framework 4(包括Spring Web MVC)、Hibernate Validator、RabbitMQ、Hibernate ORM、Spring Data、Hibernate Search和Spring Security。
- 涵蓋應用程式日誌記錄、JSR 340 Servlet API 3.1、JSR 245 JavaServer Pages(JSP)2.3(包括自定義標籤庫)、JSR 341 Expression Language 3.0、JSR 356 WebSocket API 1.0、JSR 303/349 Bean Validation 1.1、JSR 317/338 Java Persistence API(JPA)2.1、使用JPA進行全文搜索、RESTful和SOAP網頁服務、高級消息佇列協議(AMQP)和OAuth。