Beginning Spring (Paperback)

Mert Caliskan



Get up to speed quickly with this comprehensive guide toSpring

Beginning Spring is the complete beginner's guide toJava's most popular framework. Written with an eye towardreal-world enterprises, the book covers all aspects of applicationdevelopment within the Spring Framework. Extensive samples withineach chapter allow developers to get up to speed quickly byproviding concrete references for experimentation, building askillset that drives successful application development byexploiting the full capabilities of Java's latest advances.

Spring provides the exact toolset required to build anenterprise application, and has become the standard within thefield. This book covers Spring 4.0, which contains support for Java8 and Java EE 7. Readers begin with the basics of the framework,then go on to master the most commonly used tools and fundamentalconcepts inherent in any Spring project. The book emphasizespracticality and real-world application by addressing needs such asmeeting customer demand and boosting productivity, and by providingactionable information that helps developers get the most out ofthe framework. Topics include: * Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control * Unit testing Spring enabled Web Applications * Data Access using Spring JDBC and ORM support along withTransaction Management * Building Web Applications and RESTful Web Services with SpringMVC * Securing Web Applications using Spring Security * Spring Expression Language with its Extensive Features * Aspect Oriented Programming Facilities Provided by SpringAOP * Caching with 3rd Party Cache Providers Support * The Best of the Breed: Spring 4.0

The information is organized and structured an ideal way forstudents and corporate training programs, and explanations aboutinner workings of the framework make it a handy desk reference evenfor experienced developers. For novices, Beginning Spring isinvaluable as a comprehensive guide to the real-world functionalityof Spring.