Introducing Autodesk Maya 2016: Autodesk Official Press (Paperback)

Dariush Derakhshani

  • 出版商: Sybex
  • 出版日期: 2015-07-27
  • 定價: $1,850
  • 售價: 8.0$1,480
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 624
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1119059631
  • ISBN-13: 9781119059639
  • 相關分類: AutoCAD3D建模 3D-modeling
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Start modeling right away with this hands-on guide to learning Autodesk Maya 2016

Introducing Autodesk Maya 2016 is the official guide to the most popular and complex 3D application on the market. Building from the ground up, this book combines straightforward text with practical examples that make it easy to absorb the basics and start designing and animating your own digital models and scenes. The tutorials offer realistic challenges and clear explanations, laid out in fun, step-by-step lessons that help you gain confidence and learn by doing. You'll delve into CG and 3D core concepts and production workflows, then get right to work designing an animation of the solar system as you learn the interface and basic tools. As your modeling skills grow, you'll build a steam locomotive, a starfish, a table lamp, and much more as you learn to rig your model for animation, create fabric motion with nCloth, and add the lighting and effects that bring your scenes to life. The companion website features downloadable project files that help you see how the pros do it, and the book includes real-world examples from talented users who were beginners just like you.

  • Master the Maya 2016 interface, menus, and plug-ins
  • Begin building simple animations right away
  • Explore modeling, rendering, animation, and cloth motion
  • Add lighting, rendering, dynamics, simulations, and effects

If you want to work like the pros, Introducing Autodesk Maya 2016 is the perfect primer for getting started.


立即開始建模,這本實用指南將教你學習 Autodesk Maya 2016。

《Introducing Autodesk Maya 2016》是市場上最受歡迎且複雜的3D應用程式的官方指南。本書從頭開始,結合了簡單易懂的文字和實用的例子,讓你輕鬆掌握基礎知識,開始設計和動畫製作自己的數位模型和場景。這些教程提供了逼真的挑戰和清晰的解釋,以有趣的逐步課程呈現,幫助你增加信心並通過實踐學習。你將深入了解CG和3D的核心概念和製作工作流程,然後在學習界面和基本工具的同時,開始設計太陽系的動畫。隨著你的建模技能的提升,你將建立一個蒸汽機車、一個海星、一個桌燈等等,同時學習如何為你的模型進行動畫設置,使用nCloth創建布料運動,並添加燈光和效果,使你的場景生動起來。附帶的網站提供可下載的項目文件,幫助你了解專業人士的操作方式,書中還包含了來自有才華的初學者的實際案例。

- 掌握 Maya 2016 的界面、菜單和插件
- 立即開始建立簡單的動畫
- 探索建模、渲染、動畫和布料運動
- 添加燈光、渲染、動力學、模擬和效果

如果你想像專業人士一樣工作,《Introducing Autodesk Maya 2016》是入門的完美指南。