Product Training for the Technical Expert: The Art of Developing and Delivering Hands-On Learning (Wiley - IEEE)

Daniel W. Bixby

  • 出版商: IEEE
  • 出版日期: 2018-04-02
  • 定價: $1,720
  • 售價: 8.0$1,376
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 272
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1119260345
  • ISBN-13: 9781119260349
  • 相關分類: 專案管理 PMEngineer self-growth
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I was pleased to review Dan's new book - pleased because he addresses an old topic in a new way. He is making no assumptions for trainers who are not fully experienced and seasoned. He takes them step-by-step through practical and realistic methods to set up training graduates to actually be on-the-job performers. Enjoy, learn and be inspired. 

Jim Kirkpatrick, PhD
Senior Consultant, Kirkpatrick Partners, USA

Daniel Bixby’s approach to Product Training for technical experts is practical, relevant and exactly what anyone who is required to train others on technical content really needs. He writes with candor and with a sense of ease, making the reader feel as though he is right there with you helping to develop your training competency. A must read for anyone on your team required to provide technical training to others!

Jennifer Alfaro

Chief Human Resources Officer, USA

An expert guide to developing and delivering technical product training programs

While there are many books on talent development, leadership training, and internal training program development, there are precious few offering subject matter experts (SME’s) guidance on training others to get the most out of their products. Written by a training expert with many years of experience working at top technology companies, Product Training for the Technical Expert fills that yawning gap in the training literature by providing technical experts with a comprehensive handbook on becoming effective product training instructors.

When new technology is rapidly transformed into products for popular consumption, technical experts, such as engineers, and other subject matter experts, are the ones tasked with instructing the public on their use. Unfortunately, most them have little or no prior experience or training in adult education and don’t have a clue about how to transfer their knowledge to others. In this book, author Daniel W. Bixby draws upon his vast experience developing and delivering training programs at Honeywell, Delphax, Telex, Bosch, and TE Connectivity, among other technology companies, to arm SMEs with the knowledge and skills they need to add “Product Training Specialist” to their resumes.

  • Addresses an area of training too often overlooked and ignored in the professional literature
  • Equips SMEs with the tools they need to become effective product instructors
  • Covers both the educational and business aspects of product training for SMEs
  • Packed with tables, illustrations, problem-and-solution sets, tutorials, enlightening real-world examples, worksheets, and group or self-study questions
  • Features a companion website with worksheets and other valuable tools:
  • A must-have professional development resource for students and experienced technical experts alike

Product Training for the Technical Expert is an ideal guide forengineers, product managers, product marketing managers, and technical instructors looking to expand their repertoires and hone their skills. It also makes an excellent course text for graduate-level engineering programs.



Jim Kirkpatrick, 博士
高級顧問,Kirkpatrick Partners, 美國


Jennifer Alfaro



當新技術迅速轉化為大眾消費品時,工程師和其他主題專家等技術專家負責向公眾傳授使用知識。不幸的是,他們中的大多數在成人教育方面缺乏或沒有任何經驗或培訓,對於如何將他們的知識傳遞給他人一無所知。在這本書中,作者丹尼爾·W·比克斯比借鑒了他在Honeywell、Delphax、Telex、Bosch和TE Connectivity等科技公司開發和提供培訓計劃的豐富經驗,為SME提供了他們需要在履歷中添加“產品培訓專家”所需的知識和技能。

- 解決了專業文獻中經常被忽視和忽略的培訓領域
- 為SME提供成為有效產品講師所需的工具
- 同時涵蓋SME的教育和業務方面的產品培訓
- 充滿了表格、插圖、問題和解決方案集、教程、啟發性的實例、工作表和小組或自學問題
- 提供了一個配套網站,包含工作表和其他有價值的工具
- 對於學生和有經驗的技術專家來說,這是一個必備的專業發展資源