5G Explained: Security and Deployment of Advanced Mobile Communications

Jyrki T. J. Penttinen

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  • 出版日期: 2019-04-29
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 328
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  • ISBN: 1119275687
  • ISBN-13: 9781119275688
  • 相關分類: 5G行動通訊 Mobile-communication資訊安全
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Practical Guide Provides Students and Industry Professionals with Latest Information on 5G Mobile Networks

Continuing the tradition established in his previous publications, Jyrki Penttinen offers 5G Explained as a thorough yet concise introduction to recent advancements and growing trends in mobile telecommunications. In this case, Penttinen focuses on the development and employment of 5G mobile networks and, more specifically, the challenges inherent in adjusting to new global standardization requirements and in maintaining a high level of security even as mobile technology expands to new horizons. The text discusses, for example, the Internet of Things (IoT) and how to keep networks reliable and secure when they are constantly accessed by many different devices with varying levels of user involvement and competence.

5G Explained is primarily designed for specialists who need rapid acclimation to the possibilities and concerns presented by 5G adoption. Therefore, it assumes some prior knowledge of mobile communications. However, earlier chapters are structured so that even relative newcomers will gain useful information. Other notable features include:

  • Three modules each consisting of three chapters: Introduction, Technical Network Description and Planning of Security and Deployment
  • Comprehensive coverage of topics such as technical requirements for 5G, network architecture, radio and core networks and services/applications
  • Discussion of specific security techniques in addition to common-sense guidelines for planning, deploying, managing and optimizing 5G networks

5G Explained offers crucial updates for anyone involved in designing, deploying or working with 5G networks. It should prove a valuable guide for operators, equipment manufacturers and other professionals in mobile equipment engineering and security, network planning and optimization, and mobile application development, or anyone looking to break into these fields.


《5G Explained》是一本實用指南,為學生和業界專業人士提供關於5G移動網絡的最新資訊。作者Jyrki Penttinen延續了他之前出版物的傳統,以簡明扼要的方式介紹了移動通信領域的最新進展和發展趨勢。在這本書中,Penttinen專注於5G移動網絡的發展和應用,特別是在適應新的全球標準化要求和在移動技術拓展到新的領域時保持高水平安全性方面的挑戰。該書討論了物聯網(IoT)等議題,以及在不同設備不斷訪問且使用者參與度和能力不同的情況下如何保持網絡的可靠性和安全性。

《5G Explained》主要針對需要快速適應5G採用可能帶來的機會和問題的專業人士。因此,它假設讀者具有一定的移動通信知識。然而,早期章節的結構使得即使是相對新手也能獲得有用的信息。其他值得注意的特點包括:

- 三個模塊,每個模塊包含三個章節:介紹、技術網絡描述和安全和部署計劃
- 全面涵蓋5G的技術要求、網絡架構、無線和核心網絡以及服務/應用等主題
- 討論特定的安全技術,以及規劃、部署、管理和優化5G網絡的常識指南

《5G Explained》為設計、部署或使用5G網絡的任何人提供了重要的更新。它將對運營商、設備製造商以及從事移動設備工程和安全、網絡規劃和優化以及移動應用開發等專業人士,或者任何希望進入這些領域的人士都是一本寶貴的指南。


JYRKI T. J. PENTTINEN, Technology Manager, Atlanta, GA, USA, has worked in mobile telecommunications since 1994. He has experience in research and operational activities for both radio and core network domains, including planning, optimization, measurements, system architectures and services. Since 2014, he has focused on security solutions and developing trends in the industry.


JYRKI T. J. PENTTINEN,科技經理,美國喬治亞州亞特蘭大,自1994年起從事移動通信工作。他在無線和核心網絡領域的研究和運營活動方面具有豐富經驗,包括規劃、優化、測量、系統架構和服務。自2014年以來,他專注於安全解決方案和行業發展趨勢的研究。