Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide (Paperback)

Sullivan, Dan



The Only Official Google Cloud Study Guide

The Official?Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide, provides everything you need to prepare for this important exam and master the skills necessary to land that coveted Google Cloud Engineering certification. Beginning with a pre-book assessment quiz to evaluate what you know before you begin, each chapter features exam objectives and review questions, plus the online learning environment includes additional complete practice tests. Written by Dan Sullivan, a popular and experienced online course author for machine learning, big data, and Cloud topics, Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide is your ace in the hole for deploying and managing Google Cloud Services.?

Select the right Google service from the various choices based on the application to be built

Compute with Cloud VMs and managing VMs

Plan and deploying storage

Network and configure access and security

Google Cloud Platform is a leading public cloud that provides its users to many of the same software, hardware, and networking infrastructure used to power Google services. Businesses, organizations, and individuals can launch servers in minutes, store petabytes of data, and implement global virtual clouds with the Google Cloud Platform. Certified Associate Cloud Engineers have demonstrated the knowledge and skills needed to deploy and operate infrastructure, services, and networks in the Google Cloud. This exam guide is designed to help you understand the Google Cloud Platform in depth so that you can meet the needs of those operating resources in the Google Cloud.


《唯一官方 Google Cloud 學習指南》

《官方 Google Cloud 認證:雲端工程師(Associate Cloud Engineer)學習指南》提供了您準備這一重要考試所需的一切,並掌握獲得垂涎已久的 Google Cloud 工程師認證所需的技能。從一個預測評估測驗開始,評估您在開始學習之前的知識水平,每個章節都包含考試目標和複習問題,此外,網上學習環境還包括額外的完整練習測驗。本書由 Dan Sullivan 撰寫,他是一位在機器學習、大數據和雲端主題上廣受歡迎且經驗豐富的網上課程作者,《官方 Google Cloud 認證:雲端工程師學習指南》是您在部署和管理 Google Cloud 服務方面的法寶。

根據要建立的應用程式,從各種選擇中選擇適合的 Google 服務。

使用雲端虛擬機器(VM)進行計算和管理 VM。



Google Cloud 平台是一個領先的公共雲端,為用戶提供了與支援 Google 服務的軟體、硬體和網路基礎設施相同的功能。企業、組織和個人可以在幾分鐘內啟動伺服器、儲存數PB的資料,並在 Google Cloud 平台上實現全球虛擬雲端。獲得認證的雲端工程師已經證明了他們在 Google Cloud 中部署和操作基礎設施、服務和網路所需的知識和技能。本考試指南旨在幫助您深入了解 Google Cloud 平台,以滿足在 Google Cloud 中操作資源的需求。


DAN SULLIVAN is a software architect specializing in big data, machine learning, and cloud computing. He is currently working on real-time analysis of application and system monitoring data. Dan is a Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer and has extensive experience with Google Cloud and other cloud platforms. Dan is the author of three books and numerous articles. He is an instructor with LinkedIn Learning where he develops courses on data science, machine learning, and data management.


DAN SULLIVAN 是一位專注於大數據、機器學習和雲計算的軟體架構師。他目前致力於應用程式和系統監控數據的實時分析。Dan 是 Google Cloud 認證的準專業雲工程師,並且在 Google Cloud 和其他雲平台上擁有豐富的經驗。Dan 是三本書的作者,並且發表了許多文章。他是 LinkedIn Learning 的講師,開發關於資料科學、機器學習和資料管理的課程。