Fundamentals of Water Security: Quantity, Quality, and Equity in a Changing Climate

Chamberlain, Jim F., Sabatini, David A.

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  • 出版日期: 2022-08-16
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Understand How to Manage Water Resources to Equitably Meet Both Human and Ecological Needs

Burgeoning populations and the ever-higher standards of living for those in emerging countries increase the demand on our water resources. What is not increasing, however, is the supply of water and the total amount of water in earth's biosphere--water that is integral to all standards of living. Fundamentals of Water Security provides a foundation for understanding and managing the quantity-quality-equity nexus of water security in a changing climate.

In a broad sense, this volume explores solutions to water security challenges around the world. It is richly illustrated and pedagogically packed with up-to-date information. The text contains chapter learning objectives, foundation sections reviewing quantitative skills, case studies, and vignettes of people who have made important contributions to water security. To further aid comprehension, end-of-chapter problems are included--both qualitative and quantitative, with solutions available to instructors. Finally, extensive references feature books, journal articles, and government and NGO reports. Sample topics discussed include:

  • How the study of water resources has evolved from a focus on physical availability to include social factors and governance
  • How water security affects multiple disciplines across environmental science and engineering, hydrology, geography, water resources, atmospheric science, chemistry, biology, health science, and social and political science fields
  • How to achieve a sufficient quantity and quality of water to equitably meet both immediate and long-term human and ecological needs
  • Analysis of water security in an integrated manner by underscoring the complex interactions between water quantity, water quality, and society

Students taking courses on hydrology, water security, and/or water resource management, along with scientists working in fields where water security is a factor will be able to use Fundamentals of Water Security as a comprehensive textbook to understand and achieve water security.





- 水資源研究如何從關注物理可用性發展到包括社會因素和治理
- 水安全如何影響環境科學和工程、水文學、地理學、水資源、大氣科學、化學、生物學、健康科學以及社會和政治科學等多個學科領域
- 如何實現足夠的水質和水量,以公平地滿足人類和生態的即時和長期需求
- 通過強調水質、水量和社會之間的複雜相互作用,綜合分析水安全



Jim F. Chamberlain, PhD, P.E., BCEE, has worked in the field of hydrology and environmental engineering since 1979. As a Co-Director of the OU WaTER Center, Jim has implemented research and projects on fluoride mitigation in Ethiopia, arsenic mitigation in Cambodia, water supply distribution in El Salvador, and solar water pumping and hand pump repair in Uganda.

David A. Sabatini, PhD, P.E., BCEE, is David Ross Boyd Professor and Sun Oil Company Endowed Chair of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science at the University of Oklahoma. He is the Founding Director of the OU WaTER Center. His research focuses on sustainable drinking water systems for developing countries, surfactant-based environmental and biofuel technologies, and understanding/characterizing groundwater contaminant transport and remediation.


Jim F. Chamberlain, PhD, P.E., BCEE,自1979年以來一直從事水文學和環境工程領域的工作。作為OU WaTER中心的聯合主任,Jim在埃塞俄比亞實施了氟化物緩解研究和項目,在柬埔寨進行了砷緩解研究,在薩爾瓦多進行了供水分配研究,並在烏干達進行了太陽能水泵和手動抽水機的維修工作。

David A. Sabatini, PhD, P.E., BCEE,是俄克拉荷馬大學土木工程和環境科學系的David Ross Boyd教授和Sun Oil Company捐贈的講座教授。他是OU WaTER中心的創始主任。他的研究重點是發展中國家可持續飲用水系統、基於表面活性劑的環境和生物燃料技術,以及理解/表徵地下水污染物運移和修復。