Conservation Geography (Paperback)

Jr., Charles L. Convis

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In nature, location means everything. Ecology consists of many factors -- species, soils, water resources, history -- interacting across a landscape to create rich and varied patterns among natural communities and processes. The most powerful tool for conservation is one that allows the integration of knowledge from taxonomy, hydrology, demography, economics, and other fields into a single analytical framework.

That framework is geography; the tool is geographic information systems, or GIS.

Conservation Geography: Case Studies in GIS, Computer Mapping, and Activism tells of the ways GIS is revolutionizing the work of nonprofit organizations and conservation groups worldwide as they rush to save the earth's plants, animals, and cultural and natural resources. Their endeavors, as described in these pages, portray conservation in its broadest sense, including efforts for environmental justice, land preservation, indigenous rights, and species preservation. Their work encircles the globe, from New York City to Kenya to Borneo to Puget Sound. Their efforts touch living creatures of every size and description, from ocean-traversing sea turtles to elephants lumbering across the African plain. Their labor helps bring legal challenges to corporate polluters, and full access to environmental information for any citizen who needs it.

As these pages show clearly, the power of computers and GIS is transforming the way environmental problems and conservation issues are identified, measured, and ultimately, resolved.


Table of Contents:

Part I: Environmental Justice and Citizen Science
The Community Builders, Inc.
Environmental Defense GIS Program
New York City Environmental Justice Alliance
City Scan -- Empowering Urban Neighborhoods Through Technology
Pohatcong Creek Watershed Association
Mount Desert Island Water Quality Coalition
Lelania Avila: Community Service in the Schools
Part II: Watershed GIS
Housatonic Valley Association, Inc.
The Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council
Cannon River Watershed Partnership
Sonoma Ecology Center
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Bayou Preservation Association, Inc.
Part III: Forest GIS
Forest Community Research
Forest Issues Group GIS Progress
Gifford Pinchot Task Force
Oregon Natural Resources Council
Part IV: Conservation Design
Craighead Environmental Research Institute
LEGACY -- The Landscape Connection
The Bioreserve Strategy for Conserving Biodiversity
Biodiversity Associates
Part V: Landscape Conservation
Appalachian Mountain Club's GIS Program
The Conservation Fund
Pacific Biodiversity Institute
Save The Redwoods League Conservation GIS Program
Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition: GIS Program Progress Report
New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project
Western Slope Environmental Resource Council
American Wildlands
Part VI: Species Geography
The Role of Geographic Tools at Natural History Museums
New York Botanical Garden GIS Program
African Elephant Monitoring Project
Predator Conservation Alliance
California Academy of Sciences Herpetology Project
Part VII: Bird GIS
Platte River Whooping Crane Maintenance Trust
Bird Studies Canada GIS Program
Point Reyes Bird Observatory
The Vermont Institute of Natural Science
Comanche Pool Prairie Resource Foundation
Institute for Wildlife Studies GIS Strategy
Part VIII: Marine Geography
Monitoring Dolphin Behavior and the Effects of Restoration
Marine Life Alliance
Multiple Marine Uses of GIS
USGS Glacier Bay Field Station Develops GIS Tools
People for Puget Sound's Estuary Habitat Program
The Baja California to Bering Sea Mapping Initiative
Heal the Bay: Community Action Group Uses GIS to Change Policy
Growing a National Database
Effective Use of Volunteer Resources: GIS in Community Activism
Tuna Distribution in Relation to Physical Features in the Gulf of Maine
Tracking Sea Turtles: Conservation from Space
Moored Buoy Site Evaluations
Shoreline Metadata Profile
Part IX: Mapping Nature's Diversity: The Wildlife Conservation Society
International GIS Support for Wildlife Conservation
Laikipia Predator Project, Kenya
Use of ArcView GIS in the Africa Program
Indonesia Species Conservation
Indonesia Conservation GIS
Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff Mercado, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Mamiraua Project -- Sociedade Civil Mamiraua, Brazil
Mesoamerican and Caribbean Program, Guatemala
China Program
Myanmar Program
Part X: Conservation Worldwide: The Society for Conservation GIS
GIS Activities at World Wildlife Fund Canada for 2000
Conservation GIS in Altai Mountains, Russia
A Trip Around the World with the SCGIS International Community
The Last Frontier Forests of the Russian European North
E-misszio Environmental Association, Hungary
Clean Water Club, Bulgaria
GIS at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute, Colombia
A Biodiversity Vision for the Northern Andes Ecoregional Complex
Ecoregional Planning and Monitoring for the Choco
SCGIS Scholars Report
La Campana -- Penuelas Biosphere Reserve, Central Chile
Fundacion Conservacion Internacional, Peru
Anthrowatch, Philippines
"Survivors" -- For Borneo's People, It's Not Just a TV Show
Sahabat Alam Malaysia (Friends of the Earth Malaysia)
Madagascar Biodiversity Plateform D'Analyses Project
Care Madagascar: Safe Water Project
Cheetah Conservation Fund
Innovative Resources Management, Inc.
Malawi Ornithological Society
Save the Elephants
Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology
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