Game Audio Programming 2: Principles and Practices (Hardcover)



Welcome to the second volume of Game Audio Programming: Principles and Practices – the first series of its kind dedicated to the art of game audio programming! This volume features more than 20 chapters containing advanced techniques from some of the top game audio programmers and sound designers in the industry. This book continues the tradition of collecting more knowledge and wisdom about game audio programming than any other volume in history.

Both audio programming beginners and seasoned veterans will find content in this book that is valuable, with topics ranging from extreme low-level mixing to high-level game integration. Each chapter contains techniques that were used in games that have shipped, and there is a plethora of code samples and diagrams. There are chapters on threading, DSP implementation, advanced middleware techniques in FMOD Studio and Audiokinetic Wwise, ambiences, mixing, music, and more.

This book has something for everyone who is programming audio for a game: programmers new to the art of audio programming, experienced audio programmers, and those souls who just got assigned the audio code. This book is for you!



無論是音效程式設計初學者還是經驗豐富的老手,都能在本書中找到有價值的內容,涵蓋範圍從極低層次的混音到高層次的遊戲整合。每個章節都包含了在已發行的遊戲中使用過的技巧,並提供了大量的程式碼示例和圖表。書中還包括了關於線程、DSP實現、FMOD Studio和Audiokinetic Wwise中的高級中間件技術、環境音效、混音、音樂等章節。