Learning C# Programming with Unity 3d, Second Edition

Okita, Alex



Learning C# Programming with Unity 3D, Second Edition is for the novice game programmer without any prior programming experience. Readers will learn how C# is used to make a game in Unity 3D. Many example projects provide working code to learn from and experiment with. As C# evolves, Unity 3D evolves along with it. Many new features and aspects of C# are included and explained. Common programming tasks are taught by way of making working game mechanics. The reader will understand how to read and apply C# in Unity 3D and apply that knowledge to other development environments that use C#. New to this edition: includes latest C# language features and useful tools included with the .NET library like LINQ, Local Functions Tuples, and more


Key Features







  • Provides a starting point for the first-time programmer
  • C# Code examples are simple short and clear
  • Learn the very basics on up to interesting tricks which C# offers



Alex Okita has over 20 years of experience in game development. His recent work includes many VR and AR games using Unity 3D. Having started in the industry as a Concept Artist for Bungie, he transitioned to a technical artist working in Film and other AAA game companies. Eventually work led him to programming in languages like the Maya Embedded Language (MEL), Python, and Unreal Script. Eventually C# and Unity 3D became his main development environment where he felt a need to help others realize their own game development ideas.