Elementary Statistics, 3/e (Paperback)

William Navidi , Barry Monk



  • Navidi/Monk, Elementary Statistics was developed around three central themes – Clarity, Quality, and Accuracy. These central themes were born out of extensive market research and feedback from statistics instructors across the country. The authors paid close attention to how material is presented to students, ensuring that the content in the text is very clear, concise, and digestible. High quality exercises, examples and integration of technology are important aspects of an Introductory Statistics text. The authors have provided robust exercise sets that range in difficulty. They have also focused keen attention to ensure that examples provide clear instruction to students. Technology is integrated throughout the text, providing students examples of how to use the TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculators, Microsoft Excel and Minitab. The accuracy of Elementary Statistics was a foundational principle always on the minds of the authors. While this certainly pertains to all aspects of the text, the authors also exhausted energy in ensuring the supplements have been developed to fit cohesively with the text.


  • William Navidi, Colorado School of Mines
    Barry Monk, Middle Georgia State University


  • Chapter 1: Basic Ideas
    Chapter 2: Graphical Summaries of Data
    Chapter 3: Numerical Summaries of Data
    Chapter 4: Summarizing Bivariate Data
    Chapter 5: Probability
    Chapter 6: Discrete Probability Distributions
    Chapter 7: The Normal Distribution
    Chapter 8: Confidence Intervals
    Chapter 9: Hypothesis Testing
    Chapter 10: Two-Sample Confidence Intervals
    Chapter 11: Two-Sample Hypothesis Tests
    Chapter 12: Tests with Qualitative Data
    Chapter 13: Inference in Linear Models
    Chapter 14: Analysis of Variance
    Chapter 15: Nonparametric Statistics