Autodesk VIZ in Manufacturing Design: Autodesk VIZ/3ds max for Engineering and Technology

John M. Duff





Bring the power of a software tool used primarily in entertainment, gaming, and visualization into the world of engineering! Autodesk VIZ« in Manufacturing Design stresses parallels between VIZ/MAX modeling techniques and modern manufacturing processes. Ideal for novices, this how-to and reference book is conveniently organized into three sections: modeling; basic lights and mapping, plus advanced lights; mapping and animation. A logical "next step" for readers familiar with technical sketching principles and/or the use of AutoCAD« drawing tools, each chapter focuses on a specific topic and highlights its importance in engineering technology. Lists of critical terms, brief explanations of basic concepts, plus general guidelines for producing quality results are also included to provide readers with ôthe big pictureö. A number of step-by-step examples engineered to guide users to mastery of proven modeling, rendering, and animation techniques follow. Finally, each chapter concludes with an industrial example and additional problems to motivate readers as they learn to optimize 3ds max and solve real-world manufacturing design challenges. An excellent primer and long-lasting reference, the depth and variety of topics allow the book to be used equally effectively as an introduction to technical modeling, a beginning course in technical animation, or a broad survey of technical visualization.