iPhone Games Projects (Paperback)

PJ Cabrera, Joachim Bondo, Brian Greenstone, Mike Lee, Jamie Gotch, Michael Kasprzak, Richard Zito, Matthew Aitken, Olivier Hennessy, James Lee

  • 出版商: Apress
  • 出版日期: 2009-06-24
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 258
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1430219688
  • ISBN-13: 9781430219682
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One look at the App Store will show you just how hot iPhone games have become. Games make up over 25 percent of all apps, and over 70 percent of the apps in the App Store's Most Popular category. Surprised? Of course not! We've all filled our iPhones with games, and many of us hope to develop the next best seller.

This book is a collection of must-know information from master independent iPhone game developers. In it, you'll discover how some of the most innovative and creative game developers have made it to the pinnacle of game design and profitability. This book is loaded with practical tips for efficient development, and for creating compelling, addictive gaming experiences. And it's not all talk! It's supported with code examples that you can download and use to realize your own great ideas.

This book's authors are responsible for some of the all-time most popular and talked-about games:

  • Brian Greenstone developed Enigmo and Cro-Mag Rally.
  • Aaron Fothergill developed Flick Fishing.
  • Mike Lee developed Tap Tap Revolution, the most downloaded game in App Store history.
  • Mike Kasprzak's Smiles was a finalist in the IGF 2009 Best Mobile Game competition.
  • PJ Cabrera, Richard Zito, and Matthew Aitken (Quick Draw, Pole2Pole); Joachim Bondo (Deep Green); and Olivier Hennessy and Clayton Kane (Apache Lander) have received glowing reviews and accolades for their games.

Pair iPhone Games Projects with Apress's best-selling Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK, and you'll have everything you need to create the next game to top the sales charts.

What you'll learn

  • How to optimize games using iPhone SDK tools such as Instruments and Shark, and how to optimize your graphics and sound files for the best performance
  • Insight into the art and craft of game design
  • How to implement social networking in your game with RESTful web services
  • Tips on rapid game development with C on iPhone
  • How to increase your market by developing games that run on iPhone, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows
  • How to create multiplayer iPhone games

Who is this book for?

All iPhone game developers, and anyone with an iPhone who wants to learn how games are made


一看App Store就能看出iPhone遊戲有多熱門。遊戲佔了所有應用程式的25%以上,並且在App Store的「最受歡迎」類別中佔了70%以上。驚訝嗎?當然不會!我們都在iPhone上下載了大量的遊戲,而且很多人都希望能開發出下一個暢銷遊戲。


- Brian Greenstone 開發了 Enigmo 和 Cro-Mag Rally。
- Aaron Fothergill 開發了 Flick Fishing。
- Mike Lee 開發了 Tap Tap Revolution,這是App Store歷史上下載量最多的遊戲。
- Mike Kasprzak 的 Smiles 是2009年IGF最佳移動遊戲競賽的入圍作品。
- PJ Cabrera、Richard Zito 和 Matthew Aitken(Quick Draw, Pole2Pole);Joachim Bondo(Deep Green);以及 Olivier Hennessy 和 Clayton Kane(Apache Lander)的遊戲獲得了極高的評價和讚譽。

將《iPhone Games Projects》與Apress最暢銷的《Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK》配對,你將擁有創造下一個在銷售榜上名列前茅的遊戲所需的一切。

- 如何使用iPhone SDK工具(如Instruments和Shark)優化遊戲,以及如何優化圖形和音效文件以獲得最佳性能
- 遊戲設計的藝術和技巧
- 如何在遊戲中實現社交網絡功能,使用RESTful網絡服務
- 在iPhone上使用C進行快速遊戲開發的技巧
- 如何通過開發可在iPhone、Mac OS X、Linux和Windows上運行的遊戲來擴大市場
- 如何創建多人遊戲