Sakai O' Deployment and Management: Open Source Collaboration and Learning for Higher Education (Paperback)

Max Whitney


The Sakai Open Academic Environment (OAE) provides a unique collaboration system for university campuses: a social network that helps students discuss class materials, pursue research, communicate with faculty, and discover the risks and benefits of sharing personal information—all in a private, rather than public, forum. This example-driven guide will get you up to speed on various methods used to deploy, customize, and manage OAE, whether you’re an IT specialist in an educational institution, or an academic or instructional technologist.

Learn how to work with OAE’s source code to modify key areas such as profiles, courses, permissions, and content. You’ll soon adapt this network to support the culture and needs of your campus.

  • Create research projects and online companions for lecture courses
  • Learn about the range of OAE’s public and privacy settings
  • Customize OAE’s look and feel, including the welcome screen, drop-down menus, and sign-up pages
  • Connect to a local LDAP to work with accounts and authentication
  • Install widgets to extend and customize OAE’s core functionality
  • Integrate OAE with a web server and backend database
  • Get a checklist for deploying your custom OAE to production


Sakai Open Academic Environment (OAE) 提供了一個獨特的協作系統,適用於大學校園:一個社交網絡,幫助學生討論課程材料、進行研究、與教職員工溝通,並在私人論壇中發現分享個人信息的風險和好處,而不是公開的論壇。這本以實例為基礎的指南將使您熟悉部署、自定義和管理OAE的各種方法,無論您是教育機構的IT專家還是學術或教學技術人員。


  • 創建研究項目和講座課程的在線伴侶

  • 了解OAE的公共和隱私設置範圍

  • 自定義OAE的外觀和感覺,包括歡迎屏幕、下拉菜單和註冊頁面

  • 連接到本地LDAP以處理帳戶和身份驗證

  • 安裝小工具以擴展和自定義OAE的核心功能

  • 將OAE與Web服務器和後端數據庫集成

  • 獲取部署自定義OAE到生產環境的檢查清單