Java 8 Lambdas: Pragmatic Functional Programming (Paperback)

Richard Warburton



If you’re a developer with core Java SE skills, this hands-on book takes you through the language changes in Java 8 triggered by the addition of lambda expressions. You’ll learn through code examples, exercises, and fluid explanations how these anonymous functions will help you write simple, clean, library-level code that solves business problems.

Lambda expressions are a fairly simple change to Java, and the first part of the book shows you how to use them properly. Later chapters show you how lambda functions help you improve performance with parallelism, write simpler concurrent code, and model your domain more accurately, including building better DSLs.

  • Use exercises in each chapter to help you master lambda expressions in Java 8 quickly
  • Explore streams, advanced collections, and other Java 8 library improvements
  • Leverage multicore CPUs and improve performance with data parallelism
  • Use techniques to “lambdify” your existing codebase or library code
  • Learn practical solutions for lambda expression unit testing and debugging
  • Implement SOLID principles of object-oriented programming with lambdas
  • Write concurrent applications that efficiently perform message passing and non-blocking I/O


如果您是一位具備核心Java SE技能的開發人員,這本實踐指南將帶您深入了解Java 8中由於引入lambda表達式而引起的語言變化。通過代碼示例、練習和流暢的解釋,您將學習如何使用這些匿名函數來編寫簡單、乾淨且解決業務問題的庫級代碼。


- 通過每章的練習幫助您快速掌握Java 8中的lambda表達式
- 探索流、高級集合和其他Java 8庫的改進
- 利用多核CPU並通過數據並行性提高性能
- 使用技巧“lambdify”您現有的代碼庫或庫代碼
- 學習lambda表達式的單元測試和調試實踐解決方案
- 使用lambda實現面向對象編程的SOLID原則
- 編寫高效執行消息傳遞和非阻塞I/O的並發應用程式

這本書將幫助您深入理解Java 8中的lambda表達式,並將其應用於您的日常開發工作中。無論您是初學者還是有經驗的開發人員,都能從中獲得實用的知識和技巧。