Essentials of Mathematical Statistics (Paperback)

Brian Albright




End-of-section exercises range from computational to conceptual to theoretical.
Many sections include a sub-section titled Software Calculations which gives detailed descriptions of how to perform the calculations discussed in the section using the software Minitab, R, Excel, and the TI-83/84 calculators.
Provides a clear balance between conceptual understanding and theoretical understanding.
Exercises throughout vary in level of difficulty and scope.



Chapter  1  Basics of Probability
Chapter  2  Discrete Random Variables
Chapter  3  Continuous Random Variables
Chapter  4  Statistics
Chapter  5  Hypothesis Testing
Chapter  6  Simple Regression
Chapter  7  Nonparametric Statistics
Appendix  A  Proofs of Selected Theorems
Appendix  B  Software Basics
Appendix  C  Tables
Appendix  D  Answers to Selected Exercises