Secure Development for Mobile Apps: How to Design and Code Secure Mobile Applications with PHP and JavaScript (Paperback)

J. D. Glaser



The world is becoming increasingly mobile. Smartphones and tablets have become more powerful and popular, with many of these devices now containing confidential business, financial, and personal information. This has led to a greater focus on mobile software security. Establishing mobile software security should be of primary concern to every mobile application developer. This book explains how you can create mobile social applications that incorporate security throughout the development process.

Although there are many books that address security issues, most do not explain how to incorporate security into the building process. Secure Development for Mobile Apps does exactly that. Its step-by-step guidance shows you how to integrate security measures into social apps running on mobile platforms. You’ll learn how to design and code apps with security as part of the process and not an afterthought. The author outlines best practices to help you build better, more secure software.

This book provides a comprehensive guide to techniques for secure development practices. It covers PHP security practices and tools, project layout templates, PHP and PDO, PHP encryption, and guidelines for secure session management, form validation, and file uploading. The book also demonstrates how to develop secure mobile apps using the APIs for Google Maps, YouTube, jQuery Mobile, Twitter, and Facebook. While this is not a beginner’s guide to programming, you should have no problem following along if you’ve spent some time developing with PHP and MySQL.



儘管有許多書籍討論安全問題,但大多數並未解釋如何將安全性納入構建過程中。《Secure Development for Mobile Apps》正是這樣做的。它的逐步指導向您展示如何將安全措施整合到運行在移動平台上的社交應用程序中。您將學習如何在設計和編碼應用程序時將安全性作為過程的一部分,而不是事後的考慮。作者概述了最佳實踐,幫助您構建更好、更安全的軟件。

本書提供了一個全面的安全開發實踐技術指南。它涵蓋了PHP安全實踐和工具、項目佈局模板、PHP和PDO、PHP加密,以及安全會話管理、表單驗證和文件上傳的指南。本書還演示了如何使用Google Maps、YouTube、jQuery Mobile、Twitter和Facebook的API開發安全的移動應用程序。雖然這不是一本初學者的編程指南,但如果您花了一些時間使用PHP和MySQL進行開發,您應該沒有問題跟上進度。