Mixed-Signal Circuits (Hardcover)

Thomas Noulis



Mixed-Signal Circuits offers a thoroughly modern treatment of integrated circuit design in the context of mixed-signal applications. Featuring chapters authored by leading experts from industry and academia, this book:

  • Discusses signal integrity and large-scale simulation, verification, and testing
  • Demonstrates advanced design techniques that enable digital circuits and sensitive analog circuits to coexist without any compromise
  • Describes the process technology needed to address the performance challenges associated with developing complex mixed-signal circuits
  • Deals with modeling topics, such as reliability, variability, and crosstalk, that define pre-silicon design methodology and trends, and are the focus of companies involved in wireless applications
  • Develops methods to move analog into the digital domain quickly, minimizing and eliminating common trade-offs between performance, power consumption, simulation time, verification, size, and cost
  • Details approaches for very low-power performances, high-speed interfaces, phase-locked loops (PLLs), voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), and biomedical filters
  • Delineates the respective parts of a full system-on-chip (SoC), from the digital parts to the baseband blocks, radio frequency (RF) circuitries, electrostatic-discharge (ESD) structures, and built-in self-test (BIST) architectures

Mixed-Signal Circuits explores exciting opportunities in wireless communications and beyond. The book is a must for anyone involved in mixed-signal circuit design for future technologies.



- 討論信號完整性和大規模模擬、驗證和測試
- 展示先進的設計技術,使數字電路和敏感的類比電路能夠在不妥協的情況下共存
- 描述處理技術,以應對開發複雜混合信號電路所面臨的性能挑戰
- 處理建模主題,如可靠性、變異性和串擾,這些主題定義了前硅設計方法和趨勢,並且是從事無線應用的公司的重點
- 開發將類比信號快速轉換為數字領域的方法,最大程度地減少和消除性能、功耗、模擬時間、驗證、尺寸和成本之間的常見折衷
- 詳細介紹了非常低功耗性能、高速接口、鎖相環(PLL)、電壓控制振盪器(VCO)、類比數字轉換器(ADC)和生物醫學濾波器的方法
- 描繪了完整系統單片集成電路(SoC)的各個部分,從數字部分到基帶模塊、射頻(RF)電路、靜電放電(ESD)結構和內建自測(BIST)架構