ESD: Circuits and Devices, 2/e

Steven H. Voldman



ESD: Circuits and Devices 2nd Edition provides a clear picture of layout and design of digital, analog, radio frequency (RF) and power applications for protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD), electrical overstress (EOS), and latchup phenomena from a generalist perspective and design synthesis practices providing optimum solutions in advanced technologies. New features in the 2nd edition: * Expanded treatment of ESD and analog design of passive devices of resistors, capacitors, inductors, and active devices of diodes, bipolar junction transistors, MOSFETs, and FINFETs. * Increased focus on ESD power clamps for power rails for CMOS, Bipolar, and BiCMOS. * Co-synthesizing of semiconductor chip architecture and floor planning with ESD design practices for analog, and mixed signal applications * Illustrates the influence of analog design practices on ESD design circuitry, from integration, synthesis and layout, to symmetry, matching, inter-digitation, and common centroid techniques. * Increased emphasis on system-level testing conforming to IEC 61000-4-2 and IEC 61000-4-5. * Improved coverage of low-capacitance ESD, scaling of devices and oxide scaling challenges. ESD: Circuits and Devices 2nd Edition is an essential reference to ESD, circuit & semiconductor engineers and quality, reliability &analysis engineers. It is also useful for graduate and undergraduate students in electrical engineering, semiconductor sciences, microelectronics and IC design.


ESD: Circuits and Devices 2nd Edition提供了關於電靜電放電(ESD)、電氣過壓(EOS)和閂住現象的保護的數位、類比、射頻(RF)和功率應用的佈局和設計的清晰圖像,從一個通才的角度和設計綜合實踐提供了先進技術的最佳解決方案。第二版的新特點包括:*擴展了對ESD和類比設計的被動器件(電阻器、電容器、電感器)和主動器件(二極管、雙極晶體管、MOSFET和FINFET)的處理。*更加關注CMOS、雙極和BiCMOS的電源軌道的ESD電源夾。*將半導體芯片架構和平面布局與類比和混合信號應用的ESD設計實踐進行協同合成。*說明了類比設計實踐對ESD設計電路的影響,從集成、綜合和佈局到對稱性、匹配、交錯和共同重心技術。*更加強調符合IEC 61000-4-2和IEC 61000-4-5的系統級測試。*改進了對低電容ESD、器件縮放和氧化物縮放挑戰的覆蓋範圍。ESD: Circuits and Devices 2nd Edition是ESD、電路和半導體工程師以及質量、可靠性和分析工程師的必備參考資料。它也對電氣工程、半導體科學、微電子學和IC設計的研究生和本科生有用。