Spring 5 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

Marten Deinum, Daniel Rubio, Josh Long



Solve all your Spring 5 problems using complete and real-world code examples. When you start a new project, you’ll be able to copy the code and configuration files from this book, and then modify them for your needs. This can save you a great deal of work over creating a project from scratch.

The recipes in Spring 5 Recipes cover Spring fundamentals such as Spring IoC container, Spring AOP/ AspectJ, and more. Other recipes include Spring enterprise solutions for topics such as Spring Java EE integration, Spring Integration, Spring Batch, Spring Remoting, messaging, transactions, and working with big data and the cloud using Hadoop and MongoDB. Finally, Spring web recipes cover Spring MVC, other dynamic scripting, integration with the popular Grails Framework (and Groovy), REST/web services, and more.

You’ll also see recipes on new topics such as Spring Framework 5, reactive Spring, Spring 5 microservices, the functional web framework and much more.

This book




builds upon the best-selling success of the previous editions and focuses on the latest Spring Framework features for building enterprise Java applications. 


What You'll Learn


  • Get re-usable code recipes and snippets for core Spring, annotations and other development tools
  • Access Spring MVC for web development
  • Work with Spring REST and microservices for web services development and integration into your enterprise Java applications
  • Use Spring Batch, NoSQL and big data for building and integrating various cloud computing services and resources
  • Integrate Java Enterprise Edition and other Java APIs for use in Spring
  • Use Grails code and much more


Who This Book Is For

Experienced Java and Spring programmers.  




使用完整且真實的程式碼範例,解決所有Spring 5的問題。當您開始一個新專案時,您可以從本書中複製程式碼和配置文件,然後根據您的需求進行修改。這可以節省大量從頭開始建立專案的工作。

《Spring 5 Recipes》中的範例涵蓋了Spring的基礎知識,如Spring IoC容器、Spring AOP/AspectJ等。其他範例包括Spring企業解決方案,涉及Spring Java EE整合、Spring Integration、Spring Batch、Spring Remoting、消息傳遞、事務處理以及使用Hadoop和MongoDB處理大數據和雲端相關的問題。最後,Spring Web範例涵蓋了Spring MVC、其他動態腳本語言、與流行的Grails框架(和Groovy)的整合、REST/Web服務等。

您還將看到關於Spring Framework 5、反應式Spring、Spring 5微服務、功能性Web框架等新主題的範例。

本書建立在前幾版的暢銷成功基礎上,專注於最新的Spring Framework功能,用於構建企業級Java應用程式。


- 獲取核心Spring、註解和其他開發工具的可重複使用的程式碼範例和片段
- 使用Spring MVC進行Web開發
- 使用Spring REST和微服務進行Web服務開發和整合到企業級Java應用程式中
- 使用Spring Batch、NoSQL和大數據構建和整合各種雲計算服務和資源
- 將Java Enterprise Edition和其他Java API整合到Spring中使用
- 使用Grails程式碼等等