Developing Professional iPhone Photography: Using Photoshop, Lightroom, and other iOS and Desktop Apps to Create and Edit Photos

Rafiq Elmansy


Leverage the photo taking power of your iPhone with desktop and iOS apps to capture, retouch, manipulate, organize, and sell your photography. This book shows you how to edit photos using Adobe mobile apps and other apps, integrate Adobe mobile apps with desktop applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and finally sell those photos online. 

Developing Professional iPhone Photography provides a practical guide to creating a professional photography portfolio with your iPhone and features iPhonoegraphy examples from professional photographers to showcase what can be done. You can then share your workflow with your desktop programs, such as Adobe Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Fix, and Lightroom apps

iPhone camera and photography capabilities have dramatically improved to a professional level and mobile and desktop software have come right along with them. Now it’s not only possible to take worthwhile photos on your phone but also to edit and develop them to a professional level. 

What You'll Learn

  • Use Adobe Mobile and Apple apps for retouching and photo manipulation
  • Transform your iPhone into a piece of your professional workflow
  • Market and sell photos directly from your iPhone

Who This Book Is For

Photographers and other iPhone owners who want to make the most of the editing and capturing the power of their iOS devices


利用 iPhone 的拍照功能,搭配桌面和 iOS 應用程式,您可以拍攝、修飾、操作、整理和銷售您的攝影作品。本書將向您展示如何使用 Adobe 行動應用程式和其他應用程式來編輯照片,將 Adobe 行動應用程式與桌面應用程式(如 Adobe Photoshop 和 Lightroom)整合,並最終在線銷售這些照片。

《專業 iPhone攝影》提供了一個實用指南,教您如何使用 iPhone 創建專業攝影作品集,並展示了專業攝影師的 iPhone攝影示例,以展示其潛力。然後,您可以將工作流程與桌面程式(如 Adobe Photoshop Mix、Photoshop Fix 和 Lightroom 應用程式)共享。

iPhone 的相機和攝影功能已經大幅提升到專業水平,而移動和桌面軟體也隨之發展。現在,不僅可以在手機上拍攝有價值的照片,還可以將它們編輯和發展到專業水平。

- 使用 Adobe 行動應用程式和 Apple 應用程式進行修飾和照片操作
- 將 iPhone 轉化為專業工作流程的一部分
- 直接從 iPhone 銷售照片

本書適合對攝影和其他 iPhone 擁有者,希望充分利用其 iOS 設備的編輯和拍攝能力的人士。