Practical Webix: Learn to Expedite and Improve your Web Development

Frank Zammetti

  • 出版商: Apress
  • 出版日期: 2018-03-10
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 407
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1484233832
  • ISBN-13: 9781484233832
  • 相關分類: Angular
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Learn to create speedy cross-platform applications with ease using Webix. You will begin with an introduction to Webix and basic usage, exploring the interface components and utilities it offers, as well as the tools available (skin builder, form builder, and code snippet testing facility).


You’ll understand how Webix can integrate with other popular libraries and frameworks including Angular, Vue, React and more (as well as third-party components like dHTMLx and rich text editors). You will learn tangential topics including communication with back-end systems (Node.js and common related tooling), packaging as a Cordova app and, of course, you will learn how to use Webix following the Progressive Web App delivery mechanism.

Offering a complete solution in a single bundle, this JavaScript UI framework provides a rich set of interface components, application architecture direction and commonly-needed utility and ancillary capabilities.Every topic will be taught a practical way, explored within the context of building real-world working apps, not through unrelated snippets. Bringing 25 years of professional development experience to the table, author Frank Zammetti uses his unique levity to teach you how to get up and running with this new and upcoming framework. 


What You’ll Learn


  • Explore the capabilities and UI widgets it provides and the features that make it stand out from its competitors
  • Build one web technology-based app that works on both desktops and mobile devices (Android and iOS)
  • Create and hook a Webix app up to a Node.js/Express-based RESTful server API for data storage
  • Mobilize a Webix app using both PhoneGap and Progressive Web App techniques
  • Enhance your Webix and general development skills in the most fun way possible: by building a game

Who This Book Is For

Moderately experienced front-end developers who want to learn about Webix and the power it brings to client-side development.  

Developers looking to use their web development skills to build cross-platform apps that work on both desktop and mobile devices with Webix as the foundation.

A working knowledge of CSS, HTML and JavsScript is assumed, though you don’t need to be an expert.




作為一個完整的解決方案,這個JavaScript UI框架提供了豐富的界面組件、應用程序架構指導和常用的實用工具和附加功能。每個主題都將以實用的方式進行教授,並在構建真實世界的工作應用程序的上下文中進行探索,而不是通過無關的片段。作者Frank Zammetti將他25年的專業開發經驗帶到桌面,以獨特的幽默感教授您如何使用這個新興的框架。

- 探索Webix提供的功能和界面小工具,以及使其與競爭對手區分的特點
- 構建一個基於Web技術的應用程序,可在桌面和移動設備(Android和iOS)上運行
- 創建並將Webix應用程序連接到基於Node.js/Express的RESTful服務器API進行數據存儲
- 使用PhoneGap和漸進式Web應用程序技術將Webix應用程序移植到移動設備
- 通過構建遊戲來提升您的Webix和一般開發技能

- 有一定經驗的前端開發人員,想了解Webix及其為客戶端開發帶來的優勢
- 希望利用自己的Web開發技能構建跨平台應用程序(桌面和移動設備)的開發人員,以Webix為基礎
- 假設您具備CSS、HTML和JavaScript的基本知識,但不需要是專家。