Expert SQL Server Transactions and Locking: Concurrency Internals for SQL Server Practitioners

Dmitri Korotkevitch

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  • 出版日期: 2018-10-09
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Master SQL Server’s Concurrency Model so you can implement high-throughput systems that deliver transactional consistency to your application customers. This book explains how to troubleshoot and address blocking problems and deadlocks, and write code and design database schemas to minimize concurrency issues in the systems you develop.
SQL Server’s Concurrency Model is one of the least understood parts of the SQL Server Database Engine. Almost every SQL Server system experiences hard-to-explain concurrency and blocking issues, and it can be extremely confusing to solve those issues without a base of knowledge in the internals of the Engine. While confusing from the outside, the SQL Server Concurrency Model is based on several well-defined principles that are covered in this book.
Understanding the internals surrounding SQL Server’s Concurrency Model helps you build high-throughput systems in multi-user environments. This book guides you through the Concurrency Model and elaborates how SQL Server supports transactional consistency in the databases. The book covers all versions of SQL Server, including Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and it includes coverage of new technologies such as In-Memory OLTP and Columnstore Indexes.
What You'll Learn
  • Know how transaction isolation levels affect locking behavior and concurrency
  • Troubleshoot and address blocking issues and deadlocks
  • Provide required data consistency while minimizing concurrency issues
  • Design efficient transaction strategies that lead to scalable code
  • Reduce concurrency problems through good schema design
  • Understand concurrency models for In-Memory OLTP and Columnstore Indexes
  • Reduce blocking during index maintenance, batch data load, and similar tasks
Who This Book Is For
SQL Server developers, database administrators, and application architects who are developing highly-concurrent applications. The book is for anyone interested in the technical aspects of creating and troubleshooting high-throughput systems that respond swiftly to user requests.



掌握SQL Server的並發模型,以便為應用程序客戶提供具有事務一致性的高吞吐量系統。本書解釋了如何解決和處理阻塞問題和死鎖,以及編寫代碼和設計數據庫模式以最小化開發系統中的並發問題。

SQL Server的並發模型是SQL Server數據庫引擎中最不被理解的部分之一。幾乎每個SQL Server系統都會遇到難以解釋的並發和阻塞問題,如果沒有對引擎內部的知識基礎,解決這些問題可能會非常困惑。儘管從外部看起來很困惑,但SQL Server的並發模型基於幾個明確定義的原則,本書對此進行了詳細介紹。

了解SQL Server的並發模型的內部情況有助於在多用戶環境中構建高吞吐量系統。本書指導您了解並發模型,並詳細介紹SQL Server如何支持數據庫中的事務一致性。本書涵蓋了所有版本的SQL Server,包括Microsoft Azure SQL Database,並包括對In-Memory OLTP和Columnstore Indexes等新技術的介紹。

- 了解事務隔離級別如何影響鎖定行為和並發性
- 解決和處理阻塞問題和死鎖
- 在最小化並發問題的同時提供所需的數據一致性
- 設計高效的事務策略,以實現可擴展的代碼
- 通過良好的模式設計減少並發問題
- 了解In-Memory OLTP和Columnstore Indexes的並發模型
- 在索引維護、批量數據加載和類似任務中減少阻塞

本書適合對開發高度並發應用程序感興趣的SQL Server開發人員、數據庫管理員和應用架構師。本書適合任何對創建和解決高吞吐量系統的技術方面感興趣的讀者,以便迅速響應用戶請求。