Beginning Oracle SQL for Oracle Database 18c: From Novice to Professional

Brumm, Ben

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  • 出版日期: 2019-08-06
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  • ISBN: 148424429X
  • ISBN-13: 9781484244296
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Start developing with Oracle SQL. This book is a one-stop introduction to everything you need to know about getting started developing an Oracle Database. You'll learn about foundational concepts, setting up a simple schema, adding data, reading data from the database, and making changes. No experience with databases is required to get started. Examples in the book are built around Oracle Live SQL, a freely available, online sandbox for practicing and experimenting with SQL statements, and Oracle Express Edition, a free version of Oracle Database that is available for download.
A marquee feature of Beginning Oracle SQL for Oracle Database 18c is the small chapter size. Content is divided into easily digestible chunks that can be read and practiced in very short intervals of time, making this the ideal book for a busy professional to learn from. Even just a 15-20 minute block of free time can be put to good use.
Author Ben Brumm begins by helping you understand what a database is, and getting you set up with a sandbox in which to practice the SQL that you are learning. From there, easily digestible chapters cover, point-by-point, the different aspects of writing queries to get data out of a database. You'll also learn about creating tables and getting data into the database. Crucial topics such as working with nulls and writing analytic queries are given the attention they deserve, helping you to avoid pitfalls when writing queries for production use.

What You'll Learn

  • Create, update, and delete tables in an Oracle database
  • Add, update, delete data from those database tables
  • Query and view data stored in your database
  • Manipulate and transform data using in-built database functions and features
  • Correctly choose when to use Oracle-specific syntax and features

Who This Book Is For
Those new to Oracle who are planning to develop software using Oracle as the back-end data store. The book is also for those who are getting started in software development and realize they need to learn some kind of database language. Those who are learning software development on the side of their normal job, or learning it as a college student, who are ready to learn what a database is and how to use it also will find this book useful.



開始使用 Oracle SQL 進行開發。這本書是一本全面介紹如何開始開發 Oracle Database 的入門指南。您將學習基礎概念、設置簡單模式、添加數據、從數據庫讀取數據以及進行更改。無需具備數據庫經驗即可開始。書中的示例是基於 Oracle Live SQL 構建的,這是一個免費提供的在線沙盒,可用於練習和實驗 SQL 語句,還有 Oracle Express Edition,這是一個免費的 Oracle Database 版本,可供下載使用。

《Beginning Oracle SQL for Oracle Database 18c》的一個重要特點是章節篇幅較小。內容被分成易於消化的小塊,可以在很短的時間內閱讀和實踐,這使得這本書成為忙碌的專業人士學習的理想選擇。即使只有 15-20 分鐘的空閒時間,也可以好好利用。

作者 Ben Brumm 首先幫助您理解數據庫是什麼,並為您設置一個沙盒,以便練習所學的 SQL。然後,易於消化的章節逐點介紹了從數據庫中獲取數據的不同方面。您還將學習創建表格並將數據添加到數據庫中。重要主題,如處理空值和編寫分析查詢,都得到了應有的重視,幫助您在編寫用於生產使用的查詢時避免陷阱。


  • 在 Oracle 數據庫中創建、更新和刪除表格

  • 從這些數據庫表格中添加、更新和刪除數據

  • 查詢和查看存儲在數據庫中的數據

  • 使用內置的數據庫函數和特性操作和轉換數據

  • 正確選擇何時使用 Oracle 特定的語法和特性

對 Oracle 新手來說,他們計劃使用 Oracle 作為後端數據存儲開發軟件。這本書也適合那些剛開始進行軟件開發並意識到他們需要學習某種數據庫語言的人。那些在正常工作之餘學習軟件開發,或者作為大學生學習軟件開發的人,他們準備學習數據庫是什麼以及如何使用它的人也會發現這本書很有用。


​Ben Brumm is a software developer and business analyst with over 11 years of experience. Based in Melbourne, Australia, he has been working with databases and SQL both during his full-time job, and as the founder of the DatabaseStar dot com site where he teaches Oracle database topics. His passion for software and databases began when he started computer classes in high school in the late 1990s and it has only grown since then.


Ben Brumm是一位擁有超過11年經驗的軟體開發人員和業務分析師。他位於澳洲墨爾本,在全職工作期間以及作為DatabaseStar.com網站的創始人,他一直在使用數據庫和SQL。他對軟體和數據庫的熱情始於他在1990年代末開始上高中時的電腦課程,並且一直持續增長。