Agile Project Management with Azure Devops: Concepts, Templates, and Metrics

Rossberg, Joachim

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  • 出版日期: 2019-04-28
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Roll up your sleeves and jump into Agile project management to use and customize Microsoft Azure DevOps. Organizations adopt Agile practices because they are a key enabler to run better projects, get more successful end results, and achieve an overall higher quality output. To benefit the most from Agile, you need an Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) or DevOps toolset that supports your style and work environment.

Agile Project Management with Azure DevOps teaches you how to use Azure DevOps to implement many Agile practices such as SAFe, Scrum, and Kanban, and it shows you how they fit into a well-planned Agile implementation. Agile product owners will learn how to work with Azure DevOps to set up a project from scratch, and to continue using Azure DevOps throughout.

Keeping track of progress is important in any project. Author Joachim Rossberg teaches you about the tools in Azure DevOps that can help you track progress and key metrics, including those that are available right out of the box. You will learn how to create and refine the backlog, work with Kanban and Scrum task boards, and get exposed to valuable key concepts along the way. Finally, you will dive into Azure DevOps extensibility to learn about the many ways you can customize reporting to best meet your needs


What You'll Learn


  • Understand Agile product management concepts and processes for working with Azure DevOps
  • Discover how Azure DevOps supports agile processes end-to-end
  • Implement Agile processes in Azure DevOps
  • Customize Azure DevOps to better support your processes
  • Complete step-by-step setup of an Agile project from scratch and manage it through its life cycle



Who This Book Is For

Software product owners, Agile leaders, Scrum masters, and software engineers who use Microsoft Azure DevOps. A basic understanding of Agile is helpful.



積極投入敏捷專案管理,使用並自訂Microsoft Azure DevOps。組織採用敏捷實踐,因為它們是更好地執行專案、獲得更成功的結果和實現整體較高品質輸出的關鍵因素。要從敏捷中獲益最多,您需要一個支持您的風格和工作環境的應用生命週期管理(ALM)或DevOps工具組。

《使用Azure DevOps進行敏捷專案管理》教您如何使用Azure DevOps實施許多敏捷實踐,如SAFe、Scrum和看板,並展示它們如何融入精心計劃的敏捷實施中。敏捷產品負責人將學習如何使用Azure DevOps從頭開始設置專案,並在整個過程中持續使用Azure DevOps。

在任何專案中,跟踪進度都很重要。作者Joachim Rossberg教您如何使用Azure DevOps中的工具來跟踪進度和關鍵指標,包括那些可以立即使用的工具。您將學習如何創建和完善待辦事項清單,使用看板和Scrum任務板,並在此過程中接觸到有價值的關鍵概念。最後,您將深入研究Azure DevOps的可擴展性,了解如何根據需要自定義報告的多種方式。


- 了解敏捷產品管理概念和與Azure DevOps合作的流程
- 發現Azure DevOps如何從頭到尾支持敏捷流程
- 在Azure DevOps中實施敏捷流程
- 自定義Azure DevOps以更好地支持您的流程
- 從頭開始逐步設置敏捷專案並在其生命週期中進行管理


使用Microsoft Azure DevOps的軟體產品負責人、敏捷領導者、Scrum主管和軟體工程師。對敏捷有基本的了解會有所幫助。


Joachim Rossberg is an expert in Agile project management, SAFe, DevOps processes, and Azure DevOps/TFS, working for Solidify in Sweden. An IT consultant for more than two decades, primarily in the role of product owner, Agile coach and trainer, and project manager, he has extensive experience as a system developer and designer and holds certifications in PSM I & II, SAFe SPC, PSPO I, PSD I, and CSPO, and PAL. He is the author of seven books.


Joachim Rossberg是瑞典Solidify的敏捷專案管理、SAFe、DevOps流程和Azure DevOps/TFS方面的專家。作為一名IT顧問超過二十年,他主要擔任產品負責人、敏捷教練和培訓師以及專案經理的角色,擁有豐富的系統開發和設計經驗,並持有PSM I&II、SAFe SPC、PSPO I、PSD I、CSPO和PAL等認證。他是七本書的作者。