Simulations in Swift 5: Design and Implement with Swift Playgrounds

Nouvelle, Beau

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  • 出版日期: 2019-10-26
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Design and implement simulations using Apples Swift Playgrounds. Computer simulations are used to replicate the physical systems we see all around us. They help us solve problems by performing experiments that may otherwise be impossible in the real world. This book uses simulations to solve counter-intuitive logic puzzles, create procedural artworks, and build habitats for digital lifeforms.

To help you create your own simulations using the Swift programming language, this book is filled with projects that you can easily follow along with. All you need is a Mac with the latest version of Xcode installed. All projects are written in Xcode's Playgrounds. This keeps the process simple. No need to setup an Apple account, or learn anything further about building apps.

Simulations are used in many areas within computer science and yet, barely anyone is teaching them. Sure, the fundamentals are in algorithm design, but simulations are a step above that. Usually when writing an algorithm you have a specific outcome in mind. However, when you create a simulation, the system you are modelling can be far more unpredictable than sorting a list, or navigating a maze. Simulations in Swift 5 will guide you through all of this.

What You'll Learn

  • Simulate situations with advanced algorithms to solve advanced problems
  • Incorporate real-world physics into simulated problems
  • Predict biological and other systems behavior and the outcome of events based on presented factors

Who This Book Is For
Swift programmers interested in tackling fun projects in Swift involving advanced algorithms and factors


使用蘋果的Swift Playgrounds設計和實現模擬。電腦模擬用於複製我們周圍看到的物理系統。它們通過執行在現實世界中可能不可能進行的實驗來幫助我們解決問題。本書使用模擬來解決直覺上不合理的邏輯謎題,創建程序性藝術作品,並構建數字生命體的棲息地。


模擬在計算機科學的許多領域中都得到了應用,但幾乎沒有人教授它們。當然,基礎知識在於算法設計,但模擬是在此基礎之上的一個步驟。通常,在編寫算法時,您心中會有一個具體的結果。然而,當您創建一個模擬時,您正在模擬的系統可能比對列表進行排序或導航迷宮更加不可預測。《Swift 5中的模擬》將引導您完成所有這些。

- 使用高級算法模擬情境以解決高級問題
- 將現實世界的物理學應用於模擬問題
- 根據提供的因素預測生物和其他系統的行為和事件結果



Beau Nouvelle has been developing iOS applications for over 8 years. He hascontracted for companies like IBM as well as industriousstartups. He also enjoys fun side projects in coding, such as generating artwork, creating virtual civilizations, and tweaking values here and there to see how things turn out.Beau lovesto use computers to bridge art and mathtogether and fill in missing skills. No one ever set out to create a particular fractal, it's the numbers that do that.


Beau Nouvelle已經開發iOS應用程式超過8年。他曾為IBM等公司提供合約服務,也參與了一些有活力的初創企業。他還喜歡在編碼方面進行有趣的副業項目,例如生成藝術品、創建虛擬文明,並在各個方面微調數值以觀察結果。Beau喜歡使用電腦將藝術和數學結合起來,填補缺失的技能。沒有人會特意創建一個特定的分形圖形,而是數字本身創造了它。