Designing a HIPAA-Compliant Security Operations Center: A Guide to Detecting and Responding to Healthcare Breaches and Events

Thompson, Eric C.

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  • 出版日期: 2020-02-26
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Develop a comprehensive plan for building a HIPAA-compliant security operations center, designed to detect and respond to an increasing number of healthcare data breaches and events. Using risk analysis, assessment, and management data combined with knowledge of cybersecurity program maturity, this book gives you the tools you need to operationalize threat intelligence, vulnerability management, security monitoring, and incident response processes to effectively meet the challenges presented by healthcare's current threats.

Healthcare entities are bombarded with data. Threat intelligence feeds, news updates, and messages come rapidly and in many forms such as email, podcasts, and more. New vulnerabilities are found every day in applications, operating systems, and databases while older vulnerabilities remain exploitable. Add in the number of dashboards, alerts, and data points each information security tool provides and security teams find themselves swimming in oceans of data and unsure where to focus their energy. There is an urgent need to have a cohesive plan in place to cut through the noise and face these threats.

Cybersecurity operations do not require expensive tools or large capital investments. There are ways to capture the necessary data. Teams protecting data and supporting HIPAA compliance can do this. All that's required is a plan--which author Eric Thompson provides in this book.


What You Will Learn


  • Know what threat intelligence is and how you can make it useful
  • Understand how effective vulnerability management extends beyond the risk scores provided by vendors
  • Develop continuous monitoring on a budget
  • Ensure that incident response is appropriate
  • Help healthcare organizations comply with HIPAA







Who This Book Is For

Cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance professionals working for organizations responsible for creating, maintaining, storing, and protecting patient information.




網絡安全運營不需要昂貴的工具或大量資本投資。有方法可以捕獲所需的數據。保護數據並支持HIPAA合規性的團隊可以做到這一點。所需的只是一個計劃,而這本書的作者Eric Thompson提供了這個計劃。


- 了解威脅情報是什麼,以及如何使其有用
- 理解有效的漏洞管理超越供應商提供的風險評分
- 在有限預算下開展持續監控
- 確保事件應對得當
- 幫助醫療機構遵守HIPAA合規性




Eric C. Thompson is the author of two previous Apress books: Building a HIPAA Compliant Cybersecurity Program and Cybersecurity Incident Response. He is certified by GIAC in intrusion analysis, incident handling, network forensics, and detection. He is currently Director of Information Security and IT Compliance at Blue Health Intelligence, a company focused on data analytics in the healthcare payer space. He has Implemented and matured all elements of security operations. He is a passionate user of many open-source solutions and loves working with new implementations of Snort, Zeek, and SOF-ELK. He also has significant experience assessing and managing cyber risks and complying with HIPAA.







Eric C. Thompson是Apress的兩本書《Building a HIPAA Compliant Cybersecurity Program》和《Cybersecurity Incident Response》的作者。他在入侵分析、事件處理、網絡取證和檢測方面獲得了GIAC的認證。他目前擔任Blue Health Intelligence的信息安全和IT合規性主管,該公司專注於醫療支付領域的數據分析。他實施並完善了安全運營的所有要素。他是許多開源解決方案的熱衷用戶,喜歡使用Snort、Zeek和SOF-ELK的新實現。他還具有評估和管理網絡風險以及遵守HIPAA的豐富經驗。