Java 17 for Absolute Beginners: Learn the Fundamentals of Java Programming

Cosmina, Iuliana

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Chapter 1: An Introduction to Java- When every version was released, how were they called and what were the particularities- What is Java, how it is executed, what type of language it is and what is it good for- Chapter 2: Preparing your development environment- Installing Java, choosing an editor, choosing a build tool- Chapter 3: Getting your feet wet- Writing a simple program, compile and execute- Adding a dependency of somebody else's code through dependencies of existing libraries- Mention best tools for java and most used frameworks like Spring
Chapter 4: Java syntax- what is a package, module- class- enums- interface ( private methods & default methods)- class, constructor, methods... etc- removal of _ Chapter 5: Data Types- primitive, object types (emphasis on String, Collections, Calendar API)- String - compact Strings- Collections: Immutable collections, factory methods for Collections(JEP 269)- mention Generics- optional - enhancements - threads, futures - CompletableFuture (JEP 266)
Chapter 6: Operators- unary, binary, ternary, logic, and the diamond operator (used in conjunction with anonymous inner classes)
Chapter 7: Controlling the flow - if, loops- try catch (try with resources with managed variables)- recursion
Chapter 8: The Stream API - streams, optional to Stream, enhancements
Chapter 9: Debugging, testing and documenting- what is a break point- loggers: unified JVM logging (JEP 264)- mocks and stubs- jmc, jps, jcmd - JDK utilities- The new Doclet API- the JShell Command Line Tool- accessing the process API- @Deprecated enhancements (JEP 277)
Chapter 10: Making your application interactive- request data with Swing- Web applications (use the new HTTP client)- JavaFX UI (JEP 253)- Internationalization (JEP 267)
Chapter 11: Writing files- storing data to files, reading it from them- serialization to Binary, XML, JSON, YML (JEP290)- playing with images - multi-resolution API
Chapter 12: Publish-Subscribe Framework- reactive streams
Chapter 13: Garbage Collection- JEP 214,248,271,291


Iuliana Cosmina is currently a software engineer for NCR Edinburgh. She has been writing Java code since 2002 and contributed to various types of applications such as experimental search engines, ERPs, track and trace, and banking. During her career, she has been a teacher, a team leader, software architect, DevOps professional, and software manager. She is a Spring-certified Professional, as defined by Pivotal, the makers of Spring Framework, Boot, and other tools, and considers Spring the best Java framework to work with. When she is not programming, she spends her time reading, blogging, learning to play piano, travelling, hiking, or biking.