Practical Guide to Salesforce Experience Cloud: Building, Enhancing, and Managing a Digital Experience with Salesforce

Weinmeister, Philip

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Whether you are brand new to the world of digital experiences on the Salesforce platform or you are looking to take your Experience Cloud (previously "Community Cloud") knowledge to the next level, this detailed guide will help you build and manage a Salesforce site by leveraging the declarative power of the platform with clicks, not code.

Each Salesforce site/community is a part of a widespread ecosystem, with thousands of sites and millions of users active today on Experience Cloud. Through valuable social and business tools, this online platform enables companies to empower and equip their customers, partners, and employees in new, powerful ways.

Author Philip Weinmeister, Salesforce MVP and the only recipient of the “Community Cloud MVP” Trailblazer award from Salesforce, leads you through the ins and outs of Salesforce Experience Cloud and provides you with an array of best practices to deliver top-notch business portals on the Salesforce platform.

This completely revised edition updates all content to reflect the new "experience-centric" branding and a slew of platform updates from the last few years (including screenshots, terminology, features, etc.). Net new content includes Salesforce CMS, the Experience Cloud Consultant certification exam, and Mobile Publisher, among other topics.

The book takes you through the entire process: from planning and designing a site to configuration/build, setup, and administration, all the way to deployment. Detailed explanations are provided for key components, templates, and features such as Experience Builder, Audience Targeting, Lightning Bolts, and much more.

What You Will Learn

- Plan and design a site using Experience Cloud
- Conceptualize how employees, partners, and customers use and benefit from Salesforce sites
- Use Experience Builder and Lightning components within an Experience Builder template
- Apply topics and knowledge articles to a site to increase value and adoption
- Build and display rich content within a site using Salesforce CMS
- Create dynamic and personalized user experiences with audience targeting
- Build, export, and import unique templates with the Lightning Bolt solution framework
- Provide site data for members or site managers

Who This Book Is For
Salesforce administrators, developers, functional architects, business analysts, and site/community managers.


無論您是全新進入Salesforce平台的數位體驗領域,還是希望將您的Experience Cloud(以前稱為「Community Cloud」)知識提升到更高水平,這本詳細指南將幫助您利用平台的宣告性功能,通過點擊而非編碼來建立和管理Salesforce網站。

每個Salesforce網站/社群都是一個廣泛的生態系統的一部分,今天在Experience Cloud上有數千個網站和數百萬個用戶活躍。通過有價值的社交和商業工具,這個線上平台使公司能夠以全新而強大的方式賦予和裝備他們的客戶、合作夥伴和員工。

作者Philip Weinmeister是Salesforce MVP,也是Salesforce唯一一位「Community Cloud MVP」Trailblazer獎的獲獎者,他將帶領您深入了解Salesforce Experience Cloud的方方面面,並提供一系列最佳實踐,以在Salesforce平台上提供一流的企業門戶。

這本完全修訂的新版更新了所有內容,以反映過去幾年中的新的「以體驗為中心」品牌和一系列平台更新(包括截圖、術語、功能等)。全新的內容包括Salesforce CMS、Experience Cloud顧問認證考試和Mobile Publisher等主題。

本書將引導您完成整個過程:從計劃和設計網站到配置/構建、設置和管理,一直到部署。對於關鍵組件、模板和功能(如Experience Builder、Audience Targeting、Lightning Bolts等),提供了詳細的解釋。

- 使用Experience Cloud計劃和設計網站
- 概念化員工、合作夥伴和客戶如何使用和受益於Salesforce網站
- 在Experience Builder模板中使用Experience Builder和Lightning組件
- 將主題和知識文章應用於網站以增加價值和採用率
- 使用Salesforce CMS在網站中建立和顯示豐富內容
- 通過受眾定位創建動態和個性化的用戶體驗
- 使用Lightning Bolt解決方案框架構建、導出和導入獨特的模板
- 為成員或網站管理員提供網站數據



Phil Weinmeister is a Salesforce MVP and VP of Product Management at 7Summits, where he is focused on building innovative components, apps, and bolts that enable impactful, transformative communities on the Salesforce platform. He is 18x Salesforce certified and has delivered numerous Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and (primarily) Community Cloud solutions to a variety of organizations on Salesforce since 2010. Phil authored Practical Development Without Code (Apress, 2015) and received an average rating of almost 5 stars on He has been a Salesforce MVP since 2015 and, in 2017, was was named the first-ever “Community Cloud MVP” at the Lightning Bolt Trailblazer awards at Dreamforce.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with a double major in business administration/IT and Spanish, Phil now resides in Powder Springs, Georgia, USA. He spends most of his “free” time with his gorgeous, sweet wife, Amy, and his children, Tariku, Sophie, Max, and Lyla. When he’s not trying to make his kids laugh, cheering on the Arizona Cardinals, or rap-battling his wife, Phil enjoys traveling, playing various sports, and growing in his walk with Jesus. 

Stay updated on Phil’s most recent insights and blog posts by following him on Twitter (@PhilWeinmeister).


Phil Weinmeister是Salesforce MVP和7Summits的產品管理副總裁,他致力於在Salesforce平台上建立創新的組件、應用程序和螺栓,以實現有影響力和轉型的社區。他已獲得18次Salesforce認證,自2010年以來,他已為各種組織提供了眾多的Sales Cloud、Service Cloud和(主要是)Community Cloud解決方案。Phil是《Practical Development Without Code》(Apress,2015)的作者,在Amazon.com上獲得了近5星的平均評分。他自2015年以來一直是Salesforce MVP,並在2017年的Dreamforce上被授予首個“Community Cloud MVP”稱號。

Phil畢業於卡內基梅隆大學,雙專業為商業管理/IT和西班牙語,現居於美國喬治亞州的Powder Springs。他大部分的“空閒”時間都與他美麗甜蜜的妻子Amy和他的孩子Tariku、Sophie、Max和Lyla在一起。當他不在試圖逗孩子們笑、為亞利桑那紅雀隊加油或與妻子進行饒舌對決時,Phil喜歡旅行、參加各種運動,並在與耶穌的信仰中不斷成長。