Target C#: Simple Hands-On Programming with Visual Studio 2022

Byrne, Gerard

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  • 出版日期: 2022-10-20
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  • ISBN: 1484286189
  • ISBN-13: 9781484286180
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So, you want to learn C# and Visual Studio 2022, but are a bit intimidated? Don't be. Programming is within your grasp! Programmers at any level have to fully understand, and more importantly, be able to code the core constructs. It is impossible to use complex programming concepts such as classes before understanding what methods and variables and their data types are. Once there is a foundation built on the basics, then all other topics can fall in line.

While it is a forgone conclusion that languages change with the introduction of new features, the core concepts do not. Even large enterprises do not always update to the latest versions of languages and frameworks; their backbone applications have been developed to work, regardless. More than ever, enterprises need developers who can master and apply the core programming concepts and then be up-skilled with newer language levels and features as they integrate into the company.

This book builds from the ground up. You will begin with an introduction to programming, learning the foundational concepts needed to become a C# programmer. You will then put to practice a wide range of programming concepts, including data types, selection, iteration, arrays, methods, classes and objects, serialization, file handling, and string handling. You will learn enough to develop applications that emulate commercial application code. Once you've got the foundational concepts, get ready to dive into common programming routines, including linear search, binary search, bubble sort and insertion sort, and use C# to code them. Code example annotations supplement the learning and are designed to enhance learning while also explaining why the code does what it does. This book:


  • Teaches core programming through well-explained and simple-to-follow instructions
  • Reinforces programming skills through the use of coding examples that extend user learnings
  • Explains theoretical programming concepts; applies them practically with code examples
  • Introduces the latest Microsoft C# Integrated Development Environment (Visual Studio 2022)
  • Enlists clear, precise, and easy-to-understand language to assist readers of all levels and experience
  • Uses a mix of theory and practical information that is designed to be friendly and engaging


Who This Book Is For

Beginners, those refreshing their C# skills, or those moving from another programming language. No skills or previous knowledge is required. Readers will need to download Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition as this is what the book code has been based on, but they could use other Integrated Development Environments.


所以,你想要學習C#和Visual Studio 2022,但有點害怕嗎?不用擔心。程式設計在你的掌握範圍內!無論程式設計師的水平如何,都必須完全理解並且更重要的是能夠編寫核心結構。在理解方法、變數及其數據類型之前,是不可能使用複雜的程式設計概念,例如類。一旦建立了基礎,其他所有主題就能夠順利進行。



- 通過清晰解釋和易於遵循的指導來教授核心程式設計知識
- 通過使用擴展用戶學習的程式碼示例來強化程式設計技能
- 解釋理論程式設計概念;通過程式碼示例實際應用
- 介紹最新的Microsoft C#集成開發環境(Visual Studio 2022)
- 使用清晰、精確且易於理解的語言,以協助各級讀者和經驗的人
- 使用理論和實用信息的結合,旨在友好且引人入勝

本書適合對C#有興趣的初學者、想要重新學習C#技能的人,或者從其他程式設計語言轉換的人。不需要任何技能或先前知識。讀者需要下載Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition,因為本書的程式碼是基於該版本開發的,但他們也可以使用其他集成開發環境。