Learn C# Programming

Marius Bancila , Raffaele Rialdi , Ankit Sharma , Dino Esposito

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Get started with C# and strengthen your knowledge of core programming concepts such as procedural, object-oriented, generic, functional, and asynchronous programming along with the latest features of C# 8

Key Features

  • Learn the fundamentals of C# with the help of easy-to-follow examples and explanations
  • Leverage the latest features of C# 8, including nullable reference types, pattern matching enhancements, and asynchronous streams
  • Explore object-oriented programming, functional programming, and multithreading concepts

Book Description

The C# programming language is often developers' primary choice for creating a wide range of applications for desktop, cloud, and mobile. In nearly two decades of its existence, C# has evolved from a general-purpose, object-oriented language to a multi-paradigm language with impressive features.

This book will take you through C# from the ground up in a step-by-step manner. You'll start with the building blocks of C#, which include basic data types, variables, strings, arrays, operators, control statements, and loops. Once comfortable with the basics, you'll then progress to learning object-oriented programming concepts such as classes and structures, objects, interfaces, and abstraction. Generics, functional programming, dynamic, and asynchronous programming are covered in detail. This book also takes you through regular expressions, reflection, memory management, pattern matching, exceptions, and many other advanced topics. As you advance, you'll explore the .NET Core 3 framework and learn how to use the dotnet command-line interface (CLI), consume NuGet packages, develop for Linux, and migrate apps built with .NET Framework. Finally, you'll understand how to run unit tests with the Microsoft unit testing frameworks available in Visual Studio.

By the end of this book, you'll be well-versed with the essentials of the C# language and be ready to start creating apps with it.

What you will learn

  • Get to grips with all the new features of C# 8
  • Discover how to use attributes and reflection to build extendable applications
  • Utilize LINQ to uniformly query various sources of data
  • Use files and streams and serialize data to JSON and XML
  • Write asynchronous code with the async-await pattern
  • Employ .NET Core tools to create, compile, and publish your applications
  • Create unit tests with Visual Studio and the Microsoft unit testing frameworks

Who this book is for

If you have little experience in coding or C# and want to learn the essentials of C# programming to develop powerful programming techniques, this book is for you. It will also help aspiring programmers to write scripts or programs to accomplish specific tasks.


Marius Bancila is a software engineer with almost two decades of experience in developing solutions for the industrial and financial sectors. He is the author of Modern C++ Programming Cookbook and The Modern C++ Challenge. He works as a software architect and is focused on Microsoft technologies, mainly developing desktop applications with C++ and C#, but not solely. He is passionate about sharing his technical expertise with others and, for that reason, he has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for C++ and later developer technologies since 2006.

Raffaele Rialdi is a senior software architect working as a consultant, speaker, and trainer. Since 2003, he is a Microsoft MVP in the Developer Security category. His passion for the community leads him to be a member of the board of UGIdotNET, president of DotNetLiguria, and co-founder of the Italian C++ user group. Currently, he is working as an architect and developer on the backend of an enterprise project with a specific focus on code generation, and working on cross-platform mobile and IoT development in both C# and C++. You can find him on Twitter with the handle @raffaeler.

Ankit Sharma is a software engineer currently working as Senior Member Technical with ADP in Hyderabad, India. He has over six years of extensive experience with Microsoft technologies, including C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server, and UI technologies such as jQuery, Angular, and Blazor. Ankit is a technical author and speaker and loves to contribute to the open source community. He writes articles for multiple platforms, including c-sharpcorner, Dzone, Medium, and freeCodeCamp. For his dedicated contribution to the developer's community, he has been recognized as c-sharpcorner MVP, Dzone MVB, and a top contributor in the technology category on Medium. He is also the author of the first ever book on Blazor - Blazor Quick Start Guide. You can tweet him at @ankitsharma_007.


  1. Starting with the Building Blocks of C#
  2. Data Types and Operators
  3. Control Statements and Exceptions
  4. Understanding the Various User-Defined Types
  5. Object-Oriented Programming in C#
  6. Generics
  7. Collections
  8. Advanced Topics
  9. Resource Management
  10. Lambdas, LINQ, and Functional Programming
  11. Reflection and Dynamic Programming
  12. Multithreading and Async Programming
  13. Files, Streams, and Serialization
  14. Error Handling
  15. New Features of C# 8
  16. C# in Action with .NET Core 3
  17. Unit Testing