iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for iOS Apps (Paperback)

Vandad Nahavandipoor



Entirely rewritten for Apple’s Swift programming language, this updated cookbook helps you overcome the vexing issues you’re likely to face when creating apps for iOS devices.

You’ll find hundreds of new and revised recipes for using the iOS 8 SDK, including techniques for working with Health data and HomeKit accessories, enhancing and animating graphics, storing and protecting data, sending and receiving notifications, and managing files and folders among them. Each recipe includes sample code on GitHub that you can use right away.

  • Use CloudKit APIs to store information in the cloud with ease
  • Create custom keyboards and extensions
  • Access users’ health-related information with HealthKit
  • Interact with accessories inside the user’s home with HomeKit
  • Create vibrant and lifelike user interfaces with UIKit Dynamics
  • Use the Keychain to protect your app’s data
  • Develop location-aware and multitasking-aware apps
  • Work with iOS 8’s audio and video APIs
  • Use Event Kit UI to manage calendars, dates, and events
  • Take advantage of the accelerometer and the gyroscope
  • Get working examples for implementing gesture recognizers
  • Retrieve and manipulate contacts and groups from the Address Book
  • Determine a camera’s availability and access the Photo Library


完全重寫為蘋果的 Swift 程式語言,這本更新的食譜書將幫助您克服在為 iOS 設備創建應用程式時可能遇到的困難問題。

您將找到數百個使用 iOS 8 SDK 的新食譜和修訂食譜,包括處理健康數據和 HomeKit 配件、增強和動畫圖形、存儲和保護數據、發送和接收通知以及管理文件和文件夾等技巧。每個食譜都包含在 GitHub 上的示例代碼,您可以立即使用。

- 使用 CloudKit API 輕鬆存儲雲端資訊
- 創建自定義鍵盤和擴展
- 使用 HealthKit 存取使用者的健康相關資訊
- 與使用者家中的配件進行互動,使用 HomeKit
- 使用 UIKit Dynamics 創建生動逼真的使用者介面
- 使用 Keychain 保護應用程式的資料
- 開發具有位置感知和多任務感知功能的應用程式
- 使用 iOS 8 的音頻和視頻 API
- 使用 Event Kit UI 管理日曆、日期和事件
- 利用加速度計和陀螺儀
- 獲取實現手勢識別器的工作範例
- 從通訊錄中檢索和操作聯絡人和群組
- 確定相機的可用性並訪問照片庫