Frontend Architecture for Design Systems: A Modern Blueprint for Scalable and Sustainable Websites (Paperback)

Micah Godbolt



Imagine what a large-scale web project would look like if frontend development were not treated as an add-on, but as an equal partner with backend development and content strategy. This practical book takes experienced web developers through the new discipline of frontend architecture, including the latest tools, standards, and best practices that have elevated frontend web development to an entirely new level.

Using real-world examples, case studies, and practical tips and tricks throughout, author Micah Godbolt introduces you to the four pillars of frontend architecture. He also provides compelling arguments for developers who want to embrace the mantle of frontend architect and fight to make it a first-class citizen in their next project.

The four pillars include:

  • Code: how to approach the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of a design system
  • Process: tools and processes for creating an efficient and error-proof workflow
  • Testing: creating a stable foundation on which to build your site
  • Documentation: tools for writing documentation while the work is in progress



作者Micah Godbolt通過真實案例、案例研究和實用的技巧,介紹了前端架構的四大支柱。他還提供了令人信服的理由,鼓勵開發人員擔任前端架構師的角色,並在下一個專案中努力使其成為一流的角色。

- 代碼:如何處理設計系統的HTML、CSS和JavaScript
- 流程:創建高效且無誤的工作流程的工具和流程
- 測試:建立穩定的基礎,以便構建您的網站
- 文檔:在工作進行中撰寫文檔的工具