Head First Learn to Code: A Learner's Guide to Coding and Computational Thinking

Eric Freeman




What will you learn from this book?

It’s no secret the world around you is becoming more connected, more configurable, more programmable, more computational. You can remain a passive participant, or you can learn to code. With Head First Learn to Code you’ll learn how to think computationally and how to write code to make your computer, mobile device, or anything with a CPU do things for you. Using the Python programming language, you’ll learn step by step the core concepts of programming as well as many fundamental topics from computer science, such as data structures, storage, abstraction, recursion, and modularity.

Why does this book look so different?

Based on the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory, Head First Learn to Code uses a visually rich format to engage your mind, rather than a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep. Why waste your time struggling with new concepts? This multi-sensory learning experience is designed for the way your brain really works.



這個世界正在變得更加連接、可配置、可編程和可計算。你可以保持被動參與,或者你可以學習編程。透過《Head First 學習編程》,你將學習如何「以計算方式思考」以及如何「撰寫程式碼」,讓你的電腦、行動裝置或任何具有中央處理器的設備「為你執行任務」。使用 Python 程式語言,你將逐步學習程式設計的核心概念,以及許多計算機科學的基礎主題,如資料結構、儲存、抽象化、遞迴和模組化。


基於認知科學和學習理論的最新研究,《Head First 學習編程》採用豐富的視覺形式來吸引你的注意力,而不是使用文字繁重的方法讓你昏昏欲睡。為什麼要浪費時間苦苦掙扎於新概念呢?這種多感官的學習體驗是根據你的大腦真正運作的方式而設計的。