AI for People and Business: A Framework for Better Human Experiences and Business Success

Alex Castrounis



What are the risks, considerations, trade-offs, and constraints for pursuing an artificial intelligence project for your business? This practical book describes the value of AI and shows executives, data scientists, and software engineers how to align AI with company goals.

Author Alex Castrounis introduces a framework that executives and practitioners can use to gain the most value with AI, while mitigating risk and ensuring the best chance of success. This framework will help you determine why AI is a fit for your business and provides a guide for all the AI project processes that follow--including data ingestion, model selection and training, model tuning, and results delivered.

  • Learn why and how to use AI for achieving business goals
  • Get a big-picture view of the potential business value of AI
  • Align AI to your business goals using a framework to help you identify opportunities


這本實用書籍描述了在您的業務中進行人工智慧項目所面臨的風險、考慮因素、權衡和限制。作者Alex Castrounis介紹了一個框架,供高管和從業人員使用,以在最大程度上獲得人工智慧的價值,同時減輕風險並確保成功的最佳機會。這個框架將幫助您確定為什麼人工智慧適合您的業務,並提供了一個指南,涵蓋了所有後續的人工智慧項目流程,包括數據輸入、模型選擇和訓練、模型調整以及結果交付。

- 學習為實現業務目標而使用人工智慧的原因和方法
- 從整體上了解人工智慧的潛在業務價值
- 使用框架將人工智慧與您的業務目標相結合,幫助您識別機會


Alex Castrounis founded InnoArchiTech, a company focused on leveraging advanced analytics to transform data into value. His areas of expertise include artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and IoT.

He has held leadership roles in data science and advanced analytics, software architecture and engineering, and product management.

Before working in tech, Alex spent ten years as a race strategist, vehicle dynamicist, and data scientist for IndyCar racing teams and the Indianapolis 500.



Alex Castrounis創立了InnoArchiTech,這是一家專注於利用先進分析技術將數據轉化為價值的公司。他的專業領域包括人工智能、機器學習、數據科學和物聯網。