Generative Deep Learning: Teaching Machines to Paint, Write, Compose, and Play

Foster, David



Generative modeling is one of the hottest topics in artificial intelligence. Recent advances in the field have shown how it's possible to teach a machine to excel at human endeavors--such as drawing, composing music, and completing tasks--by generating an understanding of how its actions affect its environment.

With this practical book, machine learning engineers and data scientists will learn how to recreate some of the most famous examples of generative deep learning models, such as variational autoencoders and generative adversarial networks (GANs). You'll also learn how to apply the techniques to your own datasets.

David Foster, cofounder of Applied Data Science, demonstrates the inner workings of each technique, starting with the basics of deep learning before advancing to the most cutting-edge algorithms in the field. Through tips and tricks, you'll learn how to make your models learn more efficiently and become more creative.

  • Get a fundamental overview of generative modeling
  • Learn how to use the Keras and TensorFlow libraries for deep learning
  • Discover how variational autoencoders (VAEs) work
  • Get practical examples of generative adversarial networks (GANs)
  • Understand how to build generative models that learn how to paint, write, and compose
  • Apply generative models within a reinforcement learning setting to accomplish tasks




Applied Data Science的聯合創始人David Foster展示了每種技術的內部運作方式,從深度學習的基礎知識開始,然後進一步介紹該領域中最尖端的算法。通過技巧和訣竅,您將學習如何使模型學習更高效並變得更有創造力。

- 獲得生成建模的基本概述
- 學習如何使用Keras和TensorFlow庫進行深度學習
- 了解變分自編碼器(VAEs)的工作原理
- 獲得生成對抗網絡(GANs)的實際示例
- 理解如何構建能夠學習繪畫、寫作和作曲的生成模型
- 在強化學習環境中應用生成模型以完成任務


David Foster is the co-founder of Applied Data Science, a data science consultancy delivering bespoke solutions for clients. He holds an MA in Mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge, UK and an MSc in Operational Research from the University of Warwick.

David has won several international machine learning competitions, including the Innocentive Predicting Product Purchase challenge and was awarded first prize for a visualisation that enables a pharmaceutical company in the US to optimize site selection for clinical trials.

He is an active participant in the online data science community and has authored several successful blog posts on deep reinforcement learning including 'How To Build Your Own AlphaZero AI'.


David Foster是Applied Data Science的共同創辦人,該公司提供客製化的數據科學解決方案。他擁有英國劍橋大學Trinity College的數學碩士學位,以及英國華威大學的運籌學碩士學位。